June 10, 2011

Volcano @ Taco Bell


Yesterday I was invited to try out Taco Bell  Volcano Menu, at their Shaab Branch within the fence of Al-Shaab Park. To be honest I was quite skeptic about trying it out but didn't want to miss the chance of trying something new . I must confess I'm a sucker when it comes to spicy food, I can't help spiking my food with chili flakes and the kitchen cupboard is loaded with a large variety of spicy sauces.

Greeted by Bibi & Tariq we found ourselves a table to enjoy our much anticipated meal <3

 We were given menus to order aside from trying the variety offered on Volcano Menu, we went for chicken feista taco salad.

We were offered Volcano taco's, nachos & burrito's .

Volcano nacho's, was very nice crunchy, soggy and full of flavour just the perfect mixture Faith enjoyed it big time and I can't help but to agree !

Feista chicken taco salad, that's gonna be my lunch somtime next week I enjoyed it alot !

The volcano taco, just the perfect level of spiceness .I was afraid it was gonna be big time messy but not at all I loved it !

 & Finally the Volcano Burrito, I think by then I was producing flames outta my ears and my carbs reader exceeded its limit ! Very good if your a fan of burittos and beans !

Those sachets of sauce were hilarious ! Couldn't help taking endless pictures I tried them both very good to add to a salad :p or to flavour ur taco's !
*We could all use a little squeeze  now and then*

Finally the desserts came *drum rolls *

Cinammon twists , if you like churros you sure gonna enjoy these !
Very crunchy and quite tasty !

Want a bite?

Caramel Apple Empanada , apple bits in caramel sauce wrapped in a crunchy pastry.
Didn't try it to be honest not my kinda thing but Faith enjoyed it and said it was very yummy if you like apple pie.

 And thats the cheerful staff saying Hello !

Thnx alot Bibi & Tareq for your wonderful hospitality I really can't thank you enough !
Enjoy your weekend everyone !

Taco Bell Map

Thnx Faith



  1. Believe it or not, I've never been to Taco Bell!

  2. WendyB:
    Welcome to my humble abode !
    Well guess what ? I never got to try it until last Wenesday and it really exceeded my expectations !


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