June 01, 2011

Dine In : Ayyame

AYYAME brings a totally innovative approach to restaurant concept development by
including culture with design and cuisine. Ayyame, opened in July 2008, is a concept based on modern
Middle Eastern food and design created for the regional and international market

Kout Food Group invited me to try Ayyame new menu items, I found my way there right after work.
I gotta say it's been ages since I last went to Marina Mall and I even though Ayyame was opened two years ago I never go the chance to try it .

                          The restaurant is divided into smoking, non smoking and outdoor area. Picture above
                                                               is the drinks bar.


Part of the entrance and the smoking area on the left. Since they offer flavoured Hookah "Shisha" fortheir customers.

Another view of the smoking area, notice the lovely design on the wall it's the tea tray usually we get served tea  in traditional places.

                              The seating area reminds me alot of Maze by Bibi Al-Ghanim furniture collection.

 We were given the menu's to browse, the pictures were mouth-watering  endlessly I kept flipping the pages and admiring the photography.

They also have Pomelo  & Pomegranate salad which is my favourite planning to try it on my next visit <3

Bread basket, oferred a big variety of choices . I especially loved the green breaad "Khubz 3rouq" traditional kuwaiti bread reminds me of my late aunt.
Then came the appetizers time !

Spinach Hummous , I absolutely love hummus I could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner !
and now I got spinach mixed with it now that's a full meal just pass me carrot sticks and I'm more than happy !

 Bean Salad with a herb infused yougurt dressing, was a meal by itself Farah is a big fan of beans so the salad was her favourite !

       Ok now this is something I couldn't stop eating, I love salty food and getting served crispy pickles with  yummy beetroot sauce, Farah didn't enjoy it that much so that meant more pickles for me !
It felt like I'm snaking on pickles crisps I simply couldn't stop !  

Crispy Fries-, shredded potatos that were friend until its gold with a mix of herbs reminds me of a kubba mom's makes every now and then I enjoyed dipping it into the hummous !

Halloumi Sticks, breaded skewers of halloumi with bits of bell pepper between the halloumi cubes with honey to dip it in , I loveddddd I ate two skewers by myself !
Would make  a very nice breakfast dish !

                                         After biting into the Halloumi check out the capsicum !
I was getting full by then but they came and asked us about what would we like to eat as a main course, we got served Smoked Tabliyah & Murabyan " rice with prawns"

Smoked Tabliya, a pizza like dough with buttery garlic paste spread with roast beef, Turkey ham & pasterma on top ! I skipped all  except for the turkey the spread was full of flavour which complemented the turkey quite well ! Wondering if they can make it all turkey upon request?

The main dish finally, " Murabbyan " aka rice with prawns I loved the rice very aromatic and tasty I couldn't decide about the shrimps though but I had few notes to share with Bibi & Zainab which the accepted openly <3


Beirut Sunset- Pomegranate & lemon juice

and what's better than to end the meal with  some Arabian desserts , Maltouta or" Ramadhan on a stick"
Dough like date balls with pistachio and rahash crumbs with coffee- Cinnamon dip  & Oum Ali " Arabian bread pudding" which I didn't try to be honest since I'm not a big fan of this dessert in particular  so I can't give a precise description if its good or bad !

"Oum Ali"

 What's better  to wash down a meal than with Mint Green tea, very nice and the perfect happy ending to a fulfilling and enjoyable meal !

Thanx alot to Bibi Al-Qatami & Zainab Al-Najjar for their kind invite, I had a good time and enjoyed an un expected meal !
Ayyame now will become a must go place, I'm already planning what to order for my next visit !

Middle Eastern fusion restaurant
Marina Cresent, Adjacent to Krispy Kreme
Tell: : 25712189



  1. Ok that's it .. I'm gonna have to give this place a visit some time!
    Because this has been the 3rd post to read about Ayami (^.^)

  2. I haven't been to Ayyame in so long because the last few times I went the food and service has gotten bad. will give it another try and see. That beetroot sauce looks delicious by the way!


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