June 21, 2011

Birthday Fashion

Celebrated my birthday exclusively at the Cocoa Room,  the food was outta this world and good company made it even better !


Thanks to ilsul6ana for featuring my Cocoa Room Birthday review, here I'm gonna highlight some of the fashion I snapped at my birthday too bad there had been alot more but things were crazy so didn't get the chance to snap more pics :/

Noor's simple outfit, made more exciting with accessories !

Shoosh rocking her indian bangles looked wonderful with the plain white top and black harem pants..

Faith summery colors, look how it matched the gift bags just perfectly !

I loved An's bag very unexpected its made from pepsi cans caps !

Vilas showing off his elephant tail ring, he says it keeps nightmares away he never took it off since he got married, the wife is a nightmare :/ lol !

He also gave me a very thoughtful gift , check out the elephant
thnx V. !

Finally my outfit, it was very last minute got the top the day before but most of all I enjoyed my time so that what matters the most :

Necklace : FashCode
Anyone knows the designer? Confashions know perhaps?

Rings: F21 & Topshop
Watch: Stolen from mom
Finally got the pink nail polish I was eyeing from H&M

 Dress: See by Chloe

Shoes & Handbag: Paul Smith

Big thank you to the lovely staff, Mr. Basil and the Operations Manager the infamous Vila’s for making my birthday such an un-forgettable event !
Again I thank my friends each and everyone who attended and made my day !

To check the dishes we ordered, check ilsul6ana blog !



  1. cool stuff mashallah, i liked the gift bag that matched the dress :)

    kel 3am o entay b5er ya rb :*

  2. heyyy there Lady b,

    Happy Birthday :**

    that gift bag looks familiar! isn't it the new bags from panacheous.com!!!
    U got a B*** T** bag yayyyyyy

  3. Panacheous:
    Thnx dear, lol I got too Banan Taipei bags :P

  4. seriously!! so lucky ;p
    hope you enjoy it ;) & may you have many more bdays to come ;)

  5. Is that a Jf Scarves ur wearing wela yhaya2li ? ;P

  6. DR:
    the one and only JF ! lol
    I abused it and I'm considering another one !

  7. happy birthdaaay :* love the rings mashalah! how come no food pictures ? :P

  8. Thnx noon, food pictures already posted on ilsul6ana with full review wanted to give the place a bigger exposure ;)

  9. Yaaaaay !!!! So happy to see you wearing my scarves !!

    If u want another let me know and I'll make a special one just for u ;)

    Oh and I demand u give me credits next time ;p abi da3aya

  10. DR:
    I did in previous posts ;)
    I'd love another one, JF scarves is a stable piece every muhajababe shud own in her wardrobe !

  11. Happy Birthday sweetie! It's nice that you, Swera and I have our birthday within the same week. I also shared my special day with two of my girlfriends who also have their birthday this week. Love the pics, clothes and accessories. xoxo

  12. Awww thank so much ;*
    I'm so flattered by your kind words !!


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