May 19, 2011

Scoopatize my Day !

The lovely people from Scoop A Cone invited me to their Scoopalicious event at Al-Bairaq Mall / Al-Aqaila, a tasting session to try  their new icy coffee drinks and give our feedbacks.
I found my way there, right after work to enjoy a much inticipated sugar rush.

We were given an evaluation sheet to evaluate the upcoming drinks,
So the new coffee drinks menu is: Iced Cappucino, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, Hazelnut Latte & Mocha.

Me & My friend had mixed opinions about the drinks I like to taste the coffee in my drinks so that was my only concern by the highlight of the day was the Iced Hazelnut Latte & Iced Mocha very yummy and refreshing.
Not to forget its gonna be double in size and available in takeaway cups as well.

Before the end of the session we were given Toffee, Natural Yogurt Gelato, Mini Ice-Cream sandwich treat & Ice Cream Lollipop .

The yougurt was phenomenon as well as the Toffee the dark chocolate bits in it complimented the taste and gave the Gelato an excellent twist.

I have to mention the interior is quite amazing very enchanted and gives the feel of a doll house with all sweet retro pink colors, before leaving I had to walk around the place and snap pictures, noticed that they offered a selection of cakes and sandwiches if anyone would fancy a snack.

And finally outfit pictures, wasn't looking my best I just left work by then.
For everyone who asked about my top it's Moschino same applies to my handbag.
Gonna risk blowing my cover for now !

 Had the pleasure meeting Mr Andres Gonzales the Operations Manager who gladly answered all the question I had for him, and wowed us with his accent <3

Thnx Bibi & Zainab for your kind invite, you were such lovely hosts answering all sorts of questions and giving us heads up regarding all requests and for the lovely frozen yogurt giveaways !

Scoop a Cone

Al-Bairaq Mall


  1. lon l dress 7looo
    ma sha Allah
    3alaikom bel 3aafya
    scoop a cone my fav ice-cream place

  2. Girl u have ur own style , nice color eb Hal 7ar .. Bs 3egala isn't far ma 3ndhom branch bel dera

  3. Rainy:
    thnx for your kind comment, they have branch at al-Bida' area :)

  4. Bil3afia, the gelato looks delicious , to be honest I've never been there

  5. I'm going to try it bs Alan yester since I start blogging I'm eating too much just to write Bout everything


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