May 22, 2011

Food for Thought

On our wedding day, Sean told me that he'd step in front of a bullet to save me. I knew he wanted me to confess the same thing, but I couldn't. Amelia needed me to take care of her. On the other hand, if that bullet had been heading straight for Amelia, I wouldn't have thought twice before diving forward.
Did that make a very good mother, or a very bad wife? But this wasn't a bullet, and it hadn't been fired at us. It was an oncoming train, and the cost of saving my daughter was throwing myself onto the tracks there was only one catch : my best friend was tired to me.

The agony of Charlotte in a battle for her daughter who has OI, a bone disease that makes her bones so brittle that she might break if she sneezed, and her best friend who first diagnosed her pregnancy.

Very Heart Breaking book, I sobbed within every bone snaps of Willow my heart goes out to all children suffering from the same disease.



  1. i always wanted to read smth for this author but for some reason i didnt buy any novel! i guess i'll start with this novel!

    thnx for sharing :*

  2. Swera:
    You're welcome babes, you should read the pact its amazing!


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