April 11, 2011

Kuwait International Movie Retreat

On Wednesday I attended the International film retreat as invited via Zain, the event started off with red carpet and screening of the Egyptian movie Microphone starring Khalid Abu Alnaja.
It was very crowded and not as organized as I expected, However I managed to socialize and mingle among the event, during the movie lots of people left so we couldn't watch the movie clearly do to figures passing before us, and the tent got so cold that's when we decided to leave at around 10pm.

We bumped into Mishari Al-Balam, Mariam Al-Saleh, Khaled Abu Alnaja, Hessa AL loughani, Nouf Al Mudhayan and Hashem Asadallah.

An interesting event if I wasn't that overwhelmed with work I might have attended the whole workshops and screenings the event featured .

I went for my mums vintage jacket, Hoss wide fit pants and Casadei platforms. Was very overderessed for having dinner at Pizzetta Spoons afterwardsm but whatever !

Lovin' my Jf  Scarf

Thnx Mohammed from Zain & Her from His&Hers ..


  1. Loving Life:
    It's 20-25 yrs old :P belonged to my mum ;)

  2. i just love your jacket !! a7la shay our moms vintage clothing :D

  3. I love the Jacket !
    Oh & Congratz for getting Dubai's Fashion week Tickets I hope I see you there!


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