January 27, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD


 كل اسبوع واحد من إخواني عليه الحلو عشان نجابله بعد الغدا ، هالمرة قلنا نجرب فروست بيكري ، شكل الكبكيس اللي فيها ايس كريم كان يشوق، بس للأسف طعمه مو شي ! الآيس كريم كان عبارة عن كريمة مثلجة متروسة شكر
تجربة ماراح تتكرر
Every week, one family member brings any kind of sweets to devour after lunch.
This week we got frost bakery ice-cream cupcakes, total disappointment I'm telling ya !
Its sugary frosting that's been freezed, NEVER AGAIN !

Frost Bakery
Tel: 55316367



  1. المهم جربت شي خاطرج فيه ..

    سو بالعافيه يارب..

  2. Carrie:
    thnx for passing by, looks yummy but in reality it isn't :/

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere !!

    I c I'm on ur blog roll ... I'm so flattered, I thought ppl forgot about me since I stopped updating regularly ;")

  4. i never liked very sugary frosting, its rare to find cupcakes with less frosting sugar here in kuwait. thats why im a muffin person :D
    but i think sugar and spice cupcakes are less sugary?
    if you happen to know a very delicious cupcake that i can feel the taste of chocolate more than the sugar please provide me with info :D

  5. Delicately Realistic:
    Awww, glad to see you commenting on my blog as well ;)

  6. JustNoon:
    Yup I knoww, sugar and spice is nice but yet I understand you when you say wanna taste more chocolate than sugar crystals, the best chocolate cupcakes I've had are Mangolia's Bakery at Bloomingdales Dubai ! A must try I'm saying !

  7. i shall try it when i go inshalaah :D

  8. guess that one is off the list to try LOL


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