November 19, 2011

Versace for H&M !

I guess you all heard, it was a MESS ! I was there by 7,30 and it was packed ! 3 times more than it was last year for Lanvin ! I thought Lanvin was mild in comparison to Versace, too bad for me I thought I was safe since I had  VIP invitaion ! Boy I was wrong !
At least last year I managed to get everything I wanted !
Anyways after lots of fighting I got most of the stuff on my list except for the Fur gilet *cries* and did I mention I got a nice painful elbow to knockout the scarf outta my hand but I survived !
I laughed alot, lots of items tossing from staff members and some of the stuff I didn't want eventually I managed to toss into the waiting crowd in the fitting room !
Enough talking already, let me show you what I managed to grab !

First place I headed to was the accessories , I wanted the gold choker that matches the bracelet as well  but no luck !

Two scarves that I loved from the lookbook and got smacked for the pink one *giggles*

Two handbags, the colorful one is velvet they're both simillar in style but those are not for me I got them for my cousin since she asked me a few weeks back to get them for her if possible !

And finally this T-shirt from the men section, which was terribly quite and organized unlike the was zone downstairs I ran quickly after I got the accessories and the employees were more than helpful getting me the right sizes cuz I need another one for my couzin  along with the matching jacket !
I loved it since I saw Kanye West wearing one it would look awesome under a nice black blazer , well so far I have endless choices to style it so wait and see!

I was done by around 9 am , which allowed me sometime to grab some coffee and breakfast before heading to work ! Thank you cousin for joining me , and dear Her you've been missed !



  1. Oh wow mashallah... love what you got there, you have more varieties than us here in Bahrain!! 3alaich bil3afyaa...


  2. heart your pink scarf!
    Mashalla I don't know how you managed to see, grab, and buy from the women's section :) kudos to u!

  3. Confashions:
    LOL, I was running didn't passby the clothing only the accessories tough :P
    May'3la elscarf :*

  4. Marie:
    Hello new commentor *waves*
    Thank you dear :)

  5. zeeeeen u managed to grab few things mashallah! 7safa i was out of town. 3alech bel3afia :*


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