November 16, 2011

New by Melissa

Spotted those funky Melissa heels during my visit to  Dubai, the pom poms looks fun and quirky good enough to dance no ?
Its apparent that I'm a big fan of Melissa footwear doesn't my header say it all? well anyways I own over 6 pairs of those shoes its light, summery and smells like bubble gum  who would say no to such thing ?
But I promised myself to stop buying them, I have more than enough already so it doesn't hurt that I got my sister those pom pom shoes in black :P
Afterall, sharing is caring !

Cute flowery clutch, rubbery, light and have the same smell infamous Melissa products carries!
I decided to give it a skip suits teenagers more, no?
Its cool that Melissa is making more products within the same concept, I spotted boots as well the other day !

So are you a fan of Melissa shoes as well?

Dubai Mall

1 comment

  1. i love melissa! haha yes sharing couldn't hurt :)
    cute clutch!


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