Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Soon : Ibrah Flowers

Photo Credit : Meblogging
Another collection cooking in the talented hands of Ibrah, inspired by Prada necklace ..
I really can't wait to get my hands on the upcoming collection..
Being a big fan of statement accessories, Handmade ones in specific..
A local brand, handmade and done to perfection using immaculate materials and spotless finishing..
What more can a girl ask for?
My first purchase piece from Ibrah was a Bib Necklace from her Cream Collection
Ibrah shoulder brooches, I got two different colours from the same collection
Full Outfit post
The yummy Candy Collection was the latest
Which thanks to New Bride, who got me the necklace that I loved..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Body Shop

Got a sweet little package from The Body Shop, containing two of their products for me to review..

I've been using the make up remover for a week now, it's cleans instantly especially water-proof eyeliner in one swipe and it's gone !
The mist I'm kinda indifferent since I'm a bit picky when it comes to mists but might interest other..
Thank you The Body Shop for your kind gift !

Recap : MMM for H&M

My apologies for not being able to post, I'm still in recovery mode
I have attended a VIP preview of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M most coveted collaboration..
Early as 7:30 me and my companion entered the shop to snap pics and check the items off our shopping list

سامحوني على انقطاعي، بس الصحة هاليومين مش ولا بد بس الحمدلله على كل حال
حضرت اخر تعاون لـ اتش اند ام مع المصمم مايزون مارتين مارجيلا ، كالعادة الساعة 7 ونص الصبح نصور ونطلع على هالاشياء الموجودة واكيد اشطب على الاشياء اللي ابيها باللستة

H&M Kuwait PR & Marketing team dressed from head to toe in Maison Martin Margiela attire..
And no, couldn't find the sparkly leggings I guess they flew off !
فريق العلاقات العامة والتسويق كانوا موجودين يستقبلونا طبعا كاشخين بالتصاميم المعروضة
واللي يسأل عن الليجنج الترتر، ترى ماكان له اثر كلش !
I couldn't resist not getting the necklace, disregard my mother's comments that it looks like a bull harness..
I'll find some place to wear it to..
وايد عجبني العقد اللي بالصورة، وماخليته بخاطري وخذيته مع انه تعليقات الوالدة على قولتها جنه ترجيه ثور بس ماعليه تمون ومادري وين بلبسه



The candy wrapper clutch is cute, however it was HUGE !
You could fill it up and use it as a pillow !
الجنطة اللي جنها حلاوة ، وايد تشوق بس شكبرها
تصلح نحط فيها اسفنج ونسويها مخدة ؟

Yousef Al-Taher spotted shopping, and let me tell you this most of the attendee's to shop from this collaboration were MEN !
Usually it's countless amount of girls, but this time the guys overcame us !

هالمرة الحضور من الشباب اكثر من البنات وخصوصا لانه كولكشن الشباب حسيته احلى ومرتب اكثر من البنات 

Couldn't help not admiring the interior of H&M at The Grand Avenue, the place is so spacious and fun to shop at !

الديكور بجراند افنيو وايد حلو ، اتش اند ام وايد كاشخ مشالله وايد وسيع ومتعوب على الديكور فيه

Guitar handbags, a bit on the crazy side !

My friend Anfal modeling the jackets for me, I really loved the beige one seen above on her..
رفيجتي انفال ، صارت العارضة حق الاشياء اللي حبيتها وايد عجبني الجاكيت البيج عليها كان وايد لايق على ستايلها

Anfal was set to fly in this jacket !
It was interesting but I guess made for someone with broader shoulders to carry it better, don't you think?
هذا الجاكيت حلو وموديله غريب ، بس كنت خايفه رفيجتي تطير وتخليني
اتوقع يطلع حلو على وحدة جتوفها عراض ولا شرايكم؟


Before leaving, I bumped into this stylish lady wearing authentic Margiela designs notice the jacket and the shoes? She was shopping away when she expressed her admiration toward this brand in specific !

قبل لا اطلع جان اصادف هالبنية الزقرت لابسة جاكيت وجوتي وانتوا بكرامة من تصاميم مارجيلا
على كلامها انها كانت تنطر هالكولكشن على احر من الجمر

& The shoes ! Omg, those are an eye candy, so pretty and makes a statement couldn't pass not taking a nother close up shot of those babies !
ماقدرت اطوف اني ماصور الجوتي  صورة قريبة ماشاالله وايد غريب ويشوق
ملبوس العافية حبيبتي
All in all, it was a nice experience since it's always pleasure meeting my fellow bloggers, fashionista's and fashionisto's !
But honestly speaking, I was a bit disappointed for not finding the baggy fit pants I had my eyes on unlike the other collaboration I didn't break the bank for a change..
كالعادة، وايد استانس لما تصير مثل هالمناسبات بس هالمرة بصراحة شوي ضاق خلقي لانه اغلب الاشياء ماكانت موجودة
هل ياترى ماوصلتنا؟

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dine In: The Gathering Bistro

The other night, I managed to pass by The Gathering Bistro at Noor Complex, Sal7iya.
After a long eventful day I simply needed to un-wind, relax and fill my tummy with tasty food..
Upon the first glance, I fell in love with the interior it was so shabby chic mixing between a bazaar and a cozy cafe'

After being greeted by the owners Yousef Al-Saad & Fahad Al-Fulaij few inquiries about our taste in food and we eat and don't eat..
The usual smirk when I menion that I don't eat ketchup, cucumber nor banana's 

Morrocan Cigars
Our first appetizer for the night, minced meat wrapped with a crunchy pastry accompanied by a pesto dip if i'm not mistaken..
It was somewhat average and a bit dry, just felt like it was missing something..

Mini Taco's
Super cute, full of flavour and good enough to share..

Cheese Fondue
Absolutely loved this dish, sofetend Brie Cheese with Honey
The salty and sweet mixture was perfect along with toasted bread, something to consider on the breakfast menu..

Skewered Shrimps
Grilled shrimps marinated with an herb-y spicy sauce
Was cooked to prefection not fishy nor overcooked just right, Could do as a light meal option..

The difference it had that instead of minced meat they used shredded meat which was an interesting change, I loved it since it felt home made but for me I really like the addition of vegetable in my food so maybe bell peppers or mushrooms ?

Mushroom Risotto
Rich and bursting with flavour, but kinda classic no risks were taken but I know lots of my friends who likes to be safe and stick to what they know so that might be the dish for them !

The story here was different, since it had three happy Endings
The first one was Red Velvet, it was rich and my favourite among them all

Creme Brulee
Another dish that I would call safe, it was made perfectly but not my cuppa..

Cookie Pie
Chocolate chip cookie dough with a soft chocolatey center, was a bit too sweet and a bit on the heavy side maybe would have worked better with a dark chocolate center or perhaps along with a smoother kind of milk chocolate?
Overall, it was a lovely night and an interesting experience.
Had the pleasure meeting the owners, I really appreciate their enthusiasm and the amount of work they put into their passion..
Best of Luck Yousef & Fahad and Thank you for your kind invitation..
The Gathering Bistro
Opening soon at Noor Complex ( Infront of Salhiya)
Instagram : @Gatheringkw

Monday, November 12, 2012

Al-Ostoura Rooftop

I've been wanting to visit Al-Ostoura newly opened boutique at Al-Thuraya Complex rooftop for a while now, so when their representative sent me an invitation to take a look I was more than happy to oblige..
For the first time ever I came on time, Carol from Al-Ostoura PR team met me later on after I managed to snap few pictures..
Upon first entering you'd find yourself surrounded by a sea of shoes, my head started spinning instantly..

A wide range of Le Sila shoes, Casadei, Jill Sander and Rodo to name a few ..


The store was designed by Rami Tabi'at relying on minimal and subtle designs as to not distract from he garments..
The silver and golden rails that carried the clothes was very creative yet simple..
For everyday wear they had Mary Katrantzou, Missoni, Jil Sander and alot more..
My mother couldn't wait and went again to shop from their Missoni Collection..

They dedicated the back area for evenning wear, as it carried a selection of gowns, embellished clutches, accessories and  party shoes..

I was presented with coffee and yummy chocolates from Al-Ostoura while talking about the evolvement of the company..
I think the company pretty much was a major part in my life since childhood I still remember my sister endless shopping spree's at their boutique which still continues till now..
As we still own Moschino gowns dated to 20 years ago from Al-Ostoura, nowadays I really appreciate how they are keeping the good efforts and bringing the latest fashion trends constantly..

Evening wear section

They had small area's in the boutique dedicated to Sunglasses, Scarves and Perfumes..

Thank you Al-Ostoura for your kind hospitality, special thanks to Carol for the lovely tour..
Al-Thuraya Centre
Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak Street

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