Monday, September 24, 2012

Dine In : Maki Ipad Menu

Got an invitation to try out the newly intorduced I-pad Menu by Maki
an innovative approach to order through out Ipads then add them up to your cart before checking out and your order goes directly to the chef once the order is finalised..

What I loved about the menu that the new menu provided a clear picture of every item on the menu with a description of its ingredients bold and clear  and it was super easy to browse and flip the pictures from every section but to be honest the only point we had that it was a bit hard when pressing the buttons finally to submit the order..
It took flexing some muscles to add the items to the cart !

Our suggestion was to perhaps provide pointer pens or something to make it easier to pick without having to resort to violence *haha*
Well, everyone fears what a hungry person capable of doing !

Spicy Garlic Edmame

First, starting with appetizers we went for spicy garlic edmame a lighter option than the regular spicy ones but were tasty and the flavour wasn't over powering ..

Juju Salad

One of the new additions to the menu it contained Crispy Crab, Assorted Lettuce (Iceberg, Lollo Rosso, Frisee), White Radish, Carrots, Crispy Beetroot, Thyme, Exotic Shiso Cress with our Special Sauce .
Very subtle and simple if you like no fuss salad then that's for you..

Crispy Salad
 Which is my absolute favourite since it contains sweet potato and beetroot chips <3

Spicy Salmon Sushi

Salmon, spring onion and sesame along with a spicy sauce even though I love spicy food but that dish wasn't for me but my friends loved it..

Angus Beef Skewer
 It was soft and tender, well seasoned that it melted in my mouth ..

Torch Flamed Salmon

That was my friend's order I didn't try it myself but they said it was tasty and full of flavour and it was flamed to perfection so there wasn't any hint of fishiness..

Bader Maki

Salmon, Crabstick , Ikura , Cucumber , Avocado , Exotic Cress , Black Sesame with extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pari Pari sauce
First time for me to try it and it was a good suggestion we cleaned up the entire dish in no time..

Sazdel Maki

My favourite roll at maki, the mix of salmon and torch flamed goat cheese is unsual however unexpectedly good.
I keep on ordering it every time I go there as if to check if they maintain my bar of expectations and they never disappoint !

Tartufo Yaki Udon
 Scallop and truffles noodles infused olive oil and black truffle oil which is a must try by the way since it was my favourite dish <3
Just the thought of it makes me drool and I can't wait to have it again soon !

The happy ending was Exotic sorbet; guava, mango and raspberry sorbet light and sweet but I was too full by then so took few spoonfuls, the same applies to Ivory and Ebony Sundae; dark and white chocolate with vanilla ice cream .
Since we were celebrating my friend's belated birthday Mr. Toufic & Mr. Hussain from Maki were kind enough to sing and bring a candle for my friends to blow which was a very sweety gesture..

Burj Jassim
 Tel: 22901010

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Anthropologie of London


All the way from the United States comes Anthropologie, the infamous retail shop which is now opened in Regent Street London.

Offering a wide selection of womenswear, unique accessories, coffee table books and everything related to homeware from  beddings, to tableware and even soap ..

The three storey shop had an earthy feeling especially the stairs which resembles 360 Mall hanging garden gives the space a relaxing and welcoming feel to it..

Mettalic jacket with studs around the edges and a ruffley black hem, wouldn't style it with this dresss necessarily  but could work out with other patterns better !

Anthropologies  selection of accessories is always exquisite, and I must buy at least two items each time I visit there!

Personally, I love the combination of blue and orange together and this shift dress feels so breezy and light

 Light summer dresses, I liked the digital print which looked so real

The colour of this skirt was irrestible and the fit looked very nice as well, while flipping through the site I found out that it's supposed to midi but ended to be a maxi on me


A quick glance through out their lifestyle section, which was colorful and fun even their selection of pyjama's and leisure wear was too cute to skip..

Felted soap anyone? its actually a bar of soap wrapped in felt wool and left to dry so you can use it as a sponge and a soap at the same time..

The basement which was loaded with homeware and all kitchen related items which made me day dream about having a kitchen fully furnished from Anthropologie..

Weekly Sugar OD: Solo Churros

So after my previous with Solo Churros, I decided to try the rest of the flavours with my family for our weekly gatherings..
I went for the mini dipped churros with custard filling ..

Each one is covered with a different kind of chocolate, Cadbury, Nutella, Kinder, ferrero rocher and I forgot what else but my favaourite one was the Cadbury however my family fell between the nutella and kinder..

Solo Churros also make original plain churros with chocolate dip if you fancy something else.. and they provide home delivery as well ..
All in all I thought it was a good dessert to be consumed with Arabic coffee..

Excuse the useless shot, but I can't help loving the details of this dish which was given to us as a part of Mother's Day package from Khanfaroosh 

Burj Jassim, Ground floor.
Tel.: 22960097

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Window Shopping in London Town

Ted Baker new collection was really cute, so my attempt to simply browse wasn't too successful but anyways what interested me more was the display they had around the cash desk how they adorned with china's as if they opened my grandma's chest and used every piece of antique she cherished the sales associate mentioned the source of inspiration but due my lousy memory I can really recall what was it ! Nonethless, good job Ted Baker you really impressed me !

A closer look at the shelves behind the till point, which had unusal vertical internal shelves and the items were place horizontaly instead !
Beyond creative !


Oh boy, that chanel boy bag again !
I swear my hearts melts whenever I spot one but I can't seem to get myself to buy it for some reason, not until I find the colour in mind I suppose !

Simple yet interesting window at Valentino, making the dress the focus point while providing several options to accessorize .
The deep red dress is simple yet flattering and gives tons of options to dress up or just leave it simple, the combination of velvet and organza is quite right

Valentino's Rockstuds happens to be my favourite and being comfy is an added bonus, they might look blah but really flattering once you try them on ..

I think Prada was the most popular lately due to the new eclectic mix of a collection and I have to agree with that seeing how crowded every corner and boutique that carries Prada 
I'm a big fan of the geometric print inroduced lately as well those gorgeous platform sandals in the picture below !

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just In: Kenzo Fall Winter Collection 2012

New arrivals at Kenzo Boutique, at The Avenues just in time to update our wardrobes for Fall and Winter seasons..
I have my eyes on the high waister green skirt which is available in navy blue as well and the black organza dress..
So if you are looking for something special now you know where to go !

Monday, September 17, 2012

" The Women in My Life" by Rasha Al-Hejailan

" The Women in My Life" a cookbook with a story which came along with Zafaf Magazine latest issue and the good news is that you can recieve a copy of this lovely book if you subscribe for a year with Zafaf Magazine .
More about the author, Rasha Al Hejailan; a Saudi woman, who spent her life moving around due to her father’s job, and ended up, married with two kids and living in Kuwait.
Her book was born when she decided to contact all the women in my life who she’s lost contact with, and ask them to donate their ‘signature’ recipe that I would include in a collaborative cookbook. The first half of the book are the author’s recipes and what they mean to her, while the second half of the book are recipes from the women in her life. This cookbook or what we like to think of as a ‘recipe journal’ is unlike a conventional cookbook. It has a personal touch whereby you feel like you know the owner of the recipe.
The book has also a charity aspect, of which part of the sale proceeds go to two different charities that help children in need. One is ‘Helping Hands KSA’ a local charity in Saudi Arabia that directly supports underprivileged children; the other is a newly established pediatric care department at ‘Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI)’ in Kuwait.
I managed to try out the coffee pancakes recipe which turned out to be splendid !

For subscription details, please call: +965 99465592

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