Monday, August 27, 2012

Selfridges : Seeing Spots !

Exclusive window installations by Louis Vuitton for Selfridges in collaboration with the Japanese writer and artist Yayoi Kusama 
The windows were covered in Kusama's trade mark polka dots, even there's no noted occasion right now it sure feels festive around Selfridges windows, people can't stop snapping pictures at every corner and the life size model of Kusama's looks so real that makes you think it might talk to you any minute !
I might not be fond of the collaboration itself but I really appreciate the amount of effort that was put into it !
"يا لابس الثوب المنقط
هذي الاغنية حاليا تنطبق على فترينة سيلفردج ، اخر كولكشن من لويس فيتون بالتعاون مع الفنانة والكاتبة اليابانية يايوي كوساما واللي تعتبر علامة الجودة مالتها اهيا النقشة المنقطة ..
الفترينات تشوق ومتعوب عليها من كل صوب الاقي ناس مرتزة جدامها وتصور ، الوضع جنه العيد وايد محتفل والمانيكان اللي حاطينه للمصممة شكله وايد صجي لما وقفت جدامه من كثر ما التفاصيل دقيقة حسيت احتمال بعد شوي  تطلع هذي آدمية وتسولف وياي  !

مراسلتكم من قلب الحدث في لندن ..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit of the Day : Falling Flowers ..

If you are following me on Twitter and Instagram, I guess you already know that I'm London town for two weeks so far..
I met up with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a year who was kind enough to take me to a much needed shopping spree at Bicester Village..
اتوقع انكم تدرون اني بلندن الحين اذا انتوا متابعيني بتويتر وانستجرام صارلي اسبوعين تقريبا.. المهم تلاقيت اليوم مع وحدة من رفيجاتي صارلي فوق السنة مو شايفتها وماقصرت بعد عمري خذتني وياها نتسوق في الاوتلت اللي موقعه بكستر فيلج 
And finally someone to snap my pictures, I'm still beating myself for not bringing along my tripod and timer !
My outfit might be a bit to colourful for some of you but that was my mood of the day, and I don't seem to want to take off those pants their so light weight and comfy ..
اخيرااا لقيت احد يصورني، للحين متحسفة اني ماخذيت الترايبود وياي يمكن لبسي في ناس تعتبره وايد ملون بالنسبة حق ذوقها الشخصي بس مزاجي كان ملون جدا من الصبح ذاك اليوم، وهالبنطرون مو اول مرة احطه بالبلوق بس الصراحة لانه وايد مريح وخفيف

Blazer: Stella McCartney
Top : Zara
Pants : Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Necklace : H&M
Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Accessory Report: H&M

I managed to passby H&M  few days ago to check out their latest, and the accessory collection that just arrived made my head spin !
Affordable yet trendy accessories, who would say no to this?
At a first glance when I spotted the necklace above it didn't catch my attention, but a girl tried it on before me and it really looked cute so if you are a fan of spikes I suggest you go check it out !

Rope like necklace, with crystals and plastics rings I thought it would compelent plain flowy tops, whether it's black,beige or purple?

Collar necklaces are still on trend, I prefer them to embellished collars since they're more muhajaba friendly and won't get covered by Hijab..

Another collar necklace, which was more bling bling-y in real I think it would double as a headpiece as  well..

Leather bracelet, with sliver ornaments..
If you don't fancy an arm party you could simply wear one piece only..

This scarf is inspired by Givenchy, I had a long debate on Instagram to decide which one to get which left me more confused so I got them both :/

This box bag reminds me alot of Celine, there was one piece in neon pink but a customer has already taken it it might not be my style but it might be someone's else cuppa !

Cap toe brogues, nude in colour with a neon edge a bit brighter in real good enough for weekends or perhaps running errands ?

Outfit of the Day : Camouflage the Matters !

Picture Courtsey

Comouflage trend seems to be creeping back into the fashion scene recently, I personally loved how Blair from Atlantic Pacific take on this trend..
Bedour from Pretty in Pleats wore this trend nicely as well, but for some reason I didn't snap a pic..
Also, WhoWhatWear team featured different ways on how to incorprate this trend into your outfits, wither it's a jacket a skirt or a pair of pants..
Zara had a nice jacket which I spotted few days ago, so if you are looking for something 

Picture Courtsey

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, not my usual standards but my bag is already heavy and I didn't fancy carrying my heavy Canon as well..
Thanks to my friend Anfal for snapping those pictures, and tolerating my nonesense as well..
This jacket is Ancient, but now I'm thankful for not giving it away since the trend is back in the spotlight the same may applies for my skirt but can you blame me for buying two skirts from the same model ages ago *blushes*

Jacket: Fornarina (old)
Shirt: COS
Skirt: Zara
Bracelet: Tory Burch
Shoes: Marni ( not shown)
Rings: YSL Arty Ring, H&M and BCBG

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zara New Collection

Zara new collection, and I'm quite impressed with their latest accessory collection even the quality is excellent in comparison to other high street outlets..

A nice edition to regular black pants if you want to steer away from plain ones I liked the damasc print could even work with a simple chiffon top and some silver accessories..

Strategically placed crystal around the shoulder of the shirt, the fit was very flattering as well and could work well with jeans or a pencil skirt ..

Collars trend is still going strong, this collar had neon yellow stones a bit brighter in real..

This was my favourite piece among the accessories, I spotted before in Zara's lookbook now I'm kicking myself for not getting it !

This necklace looks like a mini chandelier a good one though, the size is nice and the ribbon is
neon-y orangish/pink I like the fact that the ribbon is adjustable very muhajaba friendy so it won't be concealed by Hijab..

I quite liked the structure and colour combination of this necklace, it came with a matching bracelet as well..

Crystaled flats with studs around the edges and ankle straps, doesn't look too comfortable though..

Another pair of flats which attracted my attention as well, flats seems to be my constant companion nowadays but the leather is a bit rough so might need a little bit of breaking in perhaps wearing them with socks around the house would do ?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

PrinkMe Eid Collection !

Excuse me for spamming you with countless accessories pictures but there are few things that can not go unnoticed..
I previously featured Prink Me by Reemy D. here, here and here..
And her latest collection is not to be missed especially the collars and statement armour rings <3

Gallery 220, Salhiya

FB Page:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Topshop: The Palm Bracelet Report

Palm bracelets have been one of the latest trends in jewelry, but if you are looking for something cute and reasonable without breaking the bank since it's just a trend then Topshop is your man !

I  saw three different styles, crystal embellished one, plain one and a pearl embellised bracelet ..
Price Tag:
8.5 KD to 10 KD

I felt like a kid in a candy store yesterday while browsing the latest accessorie collection they had a wide selection of rings which I shal post about seperately later on..
But if you happen to be in The Avenues passby to check it out..
I'd love to know your favourites !

The Avenues

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Now Available at Boots

I've been living under a rock lately, so I don't know if the news I'm sharing right now is new or old but I'm gonna share nonetheless since I'm a big fan of this product..
Sally Hansen, nail polish strips is finally available at your reach in Boots Drugstore..
Oh you don't know how much I love drugstore shopping and now it got more exciting.

Those strips in particular are so much fun, it's easy to use and comes with a tiny nail file and a wood stick to make things smoother and no hassle of waiting for the nail polish to dry..
I suggest a top coat though to conceal it in place, for me it lasted for 6 days before I removed it..

I have snapped the entire patterns that they have so far, not too many yet but I guess they'll add more since it's very popular..

Serafini High-Top Sneakers at Fash Code

The Italian shoemaker Serafini, now manufactures the on trend high-top sneakers with concealed wedge heel just like Isabel Marant most coveted sneakers lately..
Just arrived yesterday at Fash Code , Avenues Mall in four different colours as featured above..

I fell in love with the beige coloured ones, which had neon pink trims and it looks brighter in real I tried them on as well to check how comfortable and I was really impressed by how comfortable they were..

Price Tag:
92 KD

The Avenues Mall
Tel: 2259 7860
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