Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ramadan Edition: Thank You Note !

Al-Yasra were the first to send Ramadan greetings along with a plexi box filled with coffee sweets, I found the dates filled with peanut butter and sprinkled with sesame exceptionally yummy !
Thanks alot Al-Yasra, always impressing me with gorgeous gifts !

The City Magazine Ramadan Edition, came along with a bag of bukhour which became my mom's instantly..
Anyhow, I was dying to get my hands on this magazine in particularly for reasons which I will list later but loved how the magazine was pretty diverse between food, fashion, health, lifestyle and much more and focusing mainly on Kuwaiti talents which warmed my heart like no other..

Among The City family is an amazing friend of mine Nora an amazing photographer who's now located in Mexico City capturing her moments and sharing in it in the magazine pages..
Nora also took my picture previously for Topshop Violent Lips flash mob , which you can find here !
Aside from Nora, the infamous Jumana Al-Awadhi as well had her part in the magazine a well and her  healthy tips is not to be missed ..

Last but not least, Zafaf Magazine generous as always delivered a simple note along with their latest issue and a box of Al-Ostoura chocolates ..

The issue was mixed between wedding dresses, catering, gifts, saloons and everything related to weddings ..
It also had a spread of Vera Wang latest Red Collection, it didn't stop there as they had a section for pregnancy and childcare..
The issue included a checklist and phone directory at the end, very convenient if I may say !

Thank you Zafaf Magazine, AlYasra & The City
و عساكم من عواده

Monday, July 30, 2012

Solo Churros Ramadan Flavours

Solo Churros lately introduced new flavours for the month of Ramadan, Greeted by the owner Noor we were presented with their latest creations ; Mexican Churros with an a Kuwaiti twist I guess?

The new flavours were presented in bite size which were as the following :
 -Rahash with chocolate
-Orange Blossom
-Zaffaron with dates
-Dates with sharia and nuts
-Dates with caramel
-Oreo Cheese Cake

My mouth is currently watering just by mentioning the description doesn't the chocolate shot look tempting to sip? , but anyways I didn't try it myself but I'm planning to order it for this week gathering..
I have tried their Churros before in an event so I'm guess it's equally yummy!

Regular plain churros to dip into 13 different dips if I'm not mistaken !

Their chocolate dipped churros, the  Ferrero Roche' one is considered to be one of their best sellers..

And the cherry on top was the ever so stylish Muhajababe who happens to be the owner's friend, her outfit was gorgeous and I couldn't help but to push aside my awkwardness away and ask her permission to snap pics! 

 My all time motto is that you can never go wrong with black and white and I could find no wrong in her lovely outfit, Elizabeth & James feather blazer which skipping during my visit to New York paired with black pants and embellished pumps !
Simple yet tre's chic !

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New in : Gergai'an Khanfaroosh

Limited Edition Gergai'an by Khanfaroosh 
Available in a selection of colours for girls and boys, looks really cute for to give to your parents in celebration of this happy occasion..

The Illusion of Perfection by Yousef Al-Taher

Khaleejesque magazine  latest fashion editorial by Yousef Al-Taher, inspired by one of the 80's classics " Mommie Dearest" based on the memoirs of the adopted of daughter of Joan Crawford and her abusive behaviour..

The styling of the photoshoot, and as usual Yousef never fails to impress as he managed to capture the essense of the main character efficiently..
Even the model looks pretty much like Joan Crawford !

 Art direction/Styling: Yousef Al-Taher
Photography: Jalil Marvin 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

B Vintage : Local Kuwaiti Business

A Kuwaiti Retailing that brings you vintage clothing hand picked from all over the world. They have both designer and high street and waiting on their new collection of amazing one of a kind pieces.
Currently showcasing exclusively at Fursa shop. 

I have featured B Vintage during a previous visit to Fursa, and met the owner during an event and to be frank I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm and passion she had put through out this concept specially our society is quite hesitant when it comes to vintage clothing..

One of my favourite vintage boutiques abroad is Annie Cream Cheese, which is something not to be missed if you passed by Washington DC and many others which I visited during my stay at the Big Apple but will post about them later..

There are certain standards which I follow during vintage shopping, that it should be in an excellent condition. No stains or strange smells  specially it's hard to get rid off even with dry cleaning and B Vintage sure managed to put those two factors in mind while hand picking their items. I sure can't wait for their upcoming collection !

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Topman: The T-shirt Report

I can't help not passing into Topman t-shirts section whenever I visit Topshop at The Avenues, their selection of quirky tee's is hard to resist and a basic white t-shirt is a must have in every wardrobe wither you are a guy or a girl ..
I prefer loose and relaxed fit ones as it's alot better to incorporate with my outfits being a muhajaba..

This t-shirt had a retro vibe to it with the cute sunglasses and camera's, reminds me of a Paul Smith shirt my brother owns * note to self : steal it soon*

Who can say no to polka dots? I can't imagine a dude pulling it off but I'm curious to witness a guy brave enough to wear it ? not a teenager though !

The last tee had an Alveiro Martini effect to it, minus the price tag ofcourse but I could pictured it layered underneath a chambray shirt and beige chinos for a dude..
But for a girl the options are endless !

Razan Al-Azzouni Winter 2012 at Edge Boutique

Razan Al- Azzouni, 2012 Winter collection was un-veiled last week..
The personalised invitation came first, so cute and sweet included a rose water tonic from Green Bar Bahrain *luv*
The Designer "Razan" wearing her own designs gorgeous as ever was there to greet us at the boutique, her overall collection was a pastel heaven focusing on delicate organza and hand embroidery which you can notice upon a closer look ..

Even the desserts provided from November Bakery were in pastels as well <3

I loved Dusty Roses outfit, her python print pleated skirt, gorgeous embroidered collar, Givenchy shark tooth necklace and to wrap it up with tangy orange Lady Dior !
What's not to love?

The cutest mother to be, My Fashion Affair looked very subtle and simple..
Those red Manolo's are what attracted my attention the most and her delicate yet sophisticated arm party ofcourse ! 

A cute gesture from Razan, a giveaway specially made by her for everyday use..

Thank you Razan and Edge Boutique

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD : November Bakery

This week sugar OD was really tasty and really came in time since tomorrow is Ramadhan
Happy Ramadhan to my dear readers..
I found a new favourite cake of mine, my all time favourite would be ice mountain from Caramel's Bakery but November's was equally yummy if not better !
The Pistachio taste is stronger and got bits of crunchy pistachio in every bite as well frosted with cream cheese and blue white chocolate shavings..

The November Bakery
Tel: 97313310

Prints Charming !

Prints, being one of the key trends this season so printed pants or florals in particular is a must have for now !
Just the exact same ones this blogger was wearing, I pictured it to go nicely with with a sky blue blazer or top ..

And another floral print pants, it's more pink-ish in  person but still very nice and the fabric is very light weight but well tailored you can pair it with red if you are feeling bold but will go nicely with a mint green top as well..
Both items were spotted at Zara, The Avenues  !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Topshop Flowers

 I think I went overboard with flowers lately, but tell me who can simply resist the temptation ?
Adds a little bit of breeze to our heat, or probably I'm faking it but whatever !

Blazer: H&M
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Chanel
Rings: BCBG & H&M

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ramadhan with Fursa !

Passed by Fursa to check out their Ramadhan collection, they had caftans by Dar Caftani, Dar Mai and Khai6 o Ibrah to mention a few..
As usual greeted by the two lovely owners, Yasmin & Jumana Al-Othman..

I think those girls dresses for Gergai3an is what attracted my attention the most, they had old Kuwaiti songs written on them which was super cute ..
so make sure to check them out, their Ramadhan collection will be there for 2 more days they had homeware by The people's factory and Dania's Designs as well..

Funky handbags which had little camels designed by Esra' AL-Bloushi

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