Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looks I'm Currently Loving !

 Vogue Fashion Writer, Esther Adams effortlessly chic outfit  !

Also, teaming up striped socks with those sandals !

Olivia Palermo during  London fashion week, I'm loving the printed pants if only I could find a smilar blazer  <3

Preetma , print on print outfit during New York Fashion week <3
This girl really knows how to dress !

Emily's sorbet  pink outfit, makes me want spring to come faster !

Have a good day everyone !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New York Minute !

Henri Bendel Awesome Holiday's Decoration <3
I'm gonna bore you with my endless posts of New York, I have tons of pictures to share !

An imitation of Statue of Liberty wearing a dress made of Jelly Beanz, check out the creative chandeliers below !

I would like one of these chandeliers adorned with shoes and handbags in my room !
So cute and very creative !

Henri Bendel

Marni for H&M with a Cause


Marni is proud to announce that as part of its collaboration with H&M, it will raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan to help with its continuing earthquake relief work. Twenty-five percent of sales from a special unisex T-shirt will be donated to this cause. The T-shirt, wich is part of the Marni at H&M collection, will be available in 260 H&M stores worldwide beginning on March 8th, 2012, nearly a year after the earthquake struck. It will be displayed with a hang tag that informs customers of H&M’s charitable donation.

Price Tag : 8,500 KD

Monday, February 27, 2012

Outfit of the Day : Nowhere in the suburbs, in the cold light of day !

Just the perfect setting, on my friends roof !
It's going through renovation btw !
But for now we will abuse it for a coupla shots before it gets done !

Doing a twirl, just to give the dress skirt a full effect!
and it's fun you know! 

Dress: Gryphon
Top : H&M
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes : Massimo Dutti
Scarf : Prink Me by Reemy D
Watch: DKNY
Rings: Chanel & a random purchase from Broocklyn Flea Market

Song of the Day : Mercy Street

Mercy Street
Opus Orange & Emy Reynolds

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Sugar OD

This week I was short on time to pre-order desserts for our gathering, After I was done with the endless errands I had in the morning I stopped by 360 to grab something outta Laduree since I was badly craving their Isfahan !
Luckily they had a variety of sizes to offer wether its for 4 people, 6 or 8 I decided to go with the 8 and trust me it could easily feed a twenty !

Isfahan Dessert named after a city in Iran, Famous for it's rose production.
A tasty pastry of smooth rose flavoured macaroon, with rose petal cream, fresh raspberries & lychee's

Fancy a bite?

Tel : 25309668

Happy National & Independence Day Kuwait !

الألف : أحبها وماخاف إلا عليها
الكاف: كاف الله شر العين عن اراضيها
الواو : والله لأعمر وابني وأعليها
والياء: ياكثر شوقي وأنا بعيد وفيها
والتاء : تامر وتطلب بالروح نفديها

Today Marks the 51st Anniversary of Kuwait Independence from British protection, and it's Liberation from the un-named Iraqi Invasion that occured 21 years ago..

Happy National & Independence Day my beloved country..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lady Fozaza Spring/Summer 2012 Collection !

The collection will be available on March in Walkin Closet and Bloomigdales Dubai and more which will announce later.
Burj jassim, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jimmy Choo Puzzle, SOLVED !

Yesterday I was invited to solve Jimmy Choo puzzle, little I knew it was actually pretty literal !
Along with fellow bloggers we gathered at 360 mall, Jimmy Choo boutique ..

Greeted by the team member, we assembled teams of two's and three  members then we were asked to pick a pair of shoes according to our own liking !

Me & Her went for those gorgeous python platform pumps, then we were escorted outside the boutique when the team members gave us each an actual puzzle to put together featuring the pair of shoes we picked within 15 minutes !

What about Q8 puzzle !

Pink Girl & The Side Talk puzzle !

Ansam, Danderma
 & Dusty Roses !

Well, our pick wasn't the best it was super hard since the colors were mostly within one shade..
But we set ourselves to work, and relying on our old days skills of assembling puzzles !
Separating the edges first and working according to this !

And guess what even though out puzzle was the hardest we WON !
Go team Her & LadyB !
Thanks alot to my friend Anfal for snapping the pictures !

Ms. Alaa from Al-Yasra it was pleasure meeting you, and your shoes certainly took the centre of attention !

 I loved Anfal's lovely outfit & ofcourse wearing one of Prink Me gorgeousness !

Thanks alot Jimmy Choo & AL-Yasra for the lovely event I had a good time and enjoyed a great laugh it was certainly creative and broke the ice between us !
Many thanks for the generous gifts & the lovely goody bag !

Topshop has a Secret !

“Psssst! Topshop has a glamorous secret totell, but only to their Topshop Middle East Facebook Fans! Log on to Facebook/TopshopME on February 23rdand Topshop will tell you a secret that you can share instore to receive anamazing free gift! You have only a few days to discover this luxurious secret, Click!”

Topshop’s secret is out! Get your unique secret by clicking on the ‘Topshop’s Secret‘ tab on the left and share your secret in-store to get a luxurious gift for free!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gift Idea : Knuckle Rings

The Yard Typography Knuckle Rings.

You can wear these on any position on your fingers and make-up initials and simple words like "love" "laugh" or "xoxo", and they stack fantastically! They can also make a great gift idea!

Super cute, no ?
Just the perfect gift for a ring savvy?

The Yard

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