Saturday, April 30, 2011


After Topshop preview, me & her headed to 52 Degrees to check out their Ramadhan Collection after having a look around the place we settled at Baked which was just opened on Tuesday so we thought why not give it a try.
My first impression was its gonna be a very average cafe' food but my expirement was far beyond my expectations.

We started our meal with Garden Salad, very fresh and yummy .
The avocadoes were a bit hard needed lil' more time to ripe thought, nevertheless we polished it off!

Curly fries , need I say More <3

I ordered mushroom and swiss burger, Shared it with her it's bigger than a slider and smaller than a regular burger the beef patty was fresh and soft but a the sauce might need a lil
 bit of modifation.

We finished our meal with tea & this yummilicious cake Very Berry Vanilla , I was getting full so took few bites and left the rest to her to enjoy , Sa7tein sweety :*

Very Berry Vanilla cake after the first bite !

All in all, it was a good meal I wanna go back and try more desserts and I heard good comments about the sandwiches they serve which I'm going to try very soon !

Thnx to the owner Farah who was present at the time, and made sure to take our comments and friendly greet all customer.
For a first day the staff were doing an exceptional job.
Anyone tried baked as well?
Feedbacks and recommended dishes would be highly appreciated

Baked is located @ 52 Degrees, Al- Tilal .

If I Was a Rich Girl

" I'd buy everything
Clean out Vivienne Westwood
In my Galliano gown"
 Gwen Stefani

Lil' Fashionista roking a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa's similar to mine <3
Cutest thing ever or what?

P.S: She's not mine


So this is love?

"My heart has wings, Mmmmmm
And I can fly
I'll touch ev'ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of
So this is love"

Such a fairytale wedding, I had bigger expectations for the dress but mmm she's got a classy style and the dress translated it perfecty. Most importantly she was all smiles and very cheerful which I absolutely LOVED!
Congrats to Will & Kate, we sure enjoyed it munching one Quality Street goodies & sipping English breakfast tea from UK.

Love, LadyB

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Dress up

Last night I was invited by Al-Shaya team to  preview Topshop Dress Up Collection, along with a group of blogerretes .
First we gathered  at the style advisor room to greet everyone, met the lovely Bedour who sent me the invitation and Sama from HighStreet q8.

 The event took of with a tour around the shop, Sama gladly explained with her posh accent the collections carried by Topshop and how it's the only highstreet brand featured in London Fashion Week.
 Topshop SS011 new collection goes as following:
- Graduation : 70's inspired fashion.
- Snake Valley: Gypsy rocker character, very Pheobe Buffet.
- Swedish Summer: Vintage like clothing.
New Age constellation: Very Jil Sanders, color blocking and such.

Love the details on the dress

Then we went back to the stye advisor room to get a sneak peek of the upcoming collection which gonna be released May 10 at Top Shop Kuwait, too bad the sequined dress with fringe which I loved on the look book is only exclusive to Oxford branch.

Yummy Savouries courtesy of Asha's, Pinkberry & Crumbs bakery <3

Last but not least, the goody bag including Dress Up LookBook, Topshop latest collection, make up and few Body Shop Products.
Al-Shaya kindly gave 20% off on all purchases during the event to us blogerrette, couldn't miss the chance and snatched few pieces for myself will another detailed post soon.

                                                     That's me saying Hello !

 Jacket: Paul's Boutique
Dress: H&M
Handbag: Moschino
Shoes: Vevienne Westwood for Melissa

Thnx Al-Shaya for your kind invitation , pleasure meeting Bedour, Sama, and all of the other blogerettes during the event it was such an honour!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Wear My Sunglasses

"I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can so I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes"

Corey Hart
Been looking for half tinted round sunglasses for quite a while, finally found what I wanted at Hassan's
Round lense sunglasses is the it trend now in suglasses, I gave it a try and having a face that goes well with most of the shapes didn't make me hesitate getting it!

Hassan's Optics- Avenues Mall

Viva Bites the Apple

Last night I was invited to Viva "Social Networking" event at Chocolate & Macaroon POP,  greeted by the organizer then evening began with a brief  from Viva CEO  Mr. Salman Al-Badran  welcoming the attendee's  & declaring a major announcement of  Viva  accomlishment in collaboration with Apple , to be the first telecom company in Kuwait sponsoring  I-Phone 4.

Iphone brochures were given out to browse and check out the packages to be provided by Viva soon, highlighting that the setting are already installed on the phones with full technical support.

Big thanx to May Al-Subaei for the invitation and to the organizer the event was the huge success and thnx Viva for your generous giveaway !
Can't wait for Topshop Vip Preview night !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyday Mascara

Lash Blast by Cover Girl
I got them from Target Orlando, FL
But found them at Sultan Center ( Red & Orange) , I like the brush its round, thick, and doesn't clumps .
The Formula is very nice as well and doesn't run.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Sailor Tale

I know I'm killing you with my nautical colours but lately I can't help it and this light jacket with those cute  clollar pleats , I promise gonna post more stuff soon those bright colors and maxi skirts been killing me lately !

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Pants: Massimo Dutti
Scarf: Vintage
Shows & clutch : Tory Burch
Bracelet: Random pick at come expo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

It was my cousin's turn to get us dessert this week, different than anything that I expected  two layers of Kunafa with a vanilla bou'6a center ( Arabic Icecream) , garnished with crushed pistachio aside with light sugar syrup to drizzle on top.

Thnx Cousin, it was delicious

Al-Faris Sweets

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beauty Department

My favourite reality show star Lauren Conrad , just launched a beauty website.
Providing hair & make up how to's, latest nail trends, beauty  tools & countless other beauty related tips.
I absolutely love Lauren, I used to religiously watch The Hills and was quite bummed when she quitted the show .

Go Lauren !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue District

Last night I attended 52 Degrees Blue District, Featuring the A list Guitarist Zak!
I'll cut it short, he rocked ! The place was literally packed , everyone was enjoying his music and un forgettable voice !

If you love music, a fan of Maroon 5 & Bob Dylan your sure gonna love it !
Visit 52 Degrees Next Tuesday, to enjoy Zak Wonderful performance !
 Had an enjoyable evening !

Took few snaps with Zak, won't risk my anonmity and post them here though:P

Engines Expo.

You may have been wondering what is Engines Expo? Its a fresh new theme, new outtake on traditional exhibitions. it is a new concept of allowing Kuwaiti business owners to showcase the best they have to offer by popping there car trunks. We bring together food, clothing, accessories and other businesses under one car shade.
Don't miss the opening where WORLD-WIDE INTERNATIONAL DJ Charley Templar will play his best music!

 Twitter : @Engines_Expo
Email  :

So far I got nothing to do for the weekend, I think I might passby and check it out !

Sunday, April 17, 2011


As I mentioned earlier I was invited to Froobie private tasting session @ 52 Degrees, the whole place was illuminated with red lights, music buzzing and it was quite packed.

I think I went high on frozen yougurt and a couple shots of yougurt smoothies .
Delicious nevetheless~ !

Last but not least we were introduced with Icy Burger, the bun made of two slices of cake and the middle part was swirled with fro yo , Had a very cheese cakey texture.
Would try it again to give it a better taste !

Again I was honoured to meet the lovely owner, an old school friend & ofcourse her !
Thnx alot for the invitation, expecting yet more to come <3

52 Degrees - Al-Tilal

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tasting Session

Last week I got the honour of meeting the owner of Froobie, a young gentleman with huge ambitions .
This week Froobie located at 52 Degrees  is holding a tasting session for , and lucky for me I recieved an invitation.
I'm a sucker when it comes to frozen yougurt, and they offer fat free, sugar free frozen yougurt. You can even opt for a fruit salad or a smoothie according to your liking, they also offer a range of coffee drinks and freshly baked cookies "I tried myself soo yum" !

Any of my fellow attending the event?
And did hear about Khaleejesque competition on work outfit? Just today I submitted my Entry
*Fingers Crossed*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

It was my sis birthday, and i've been wanting to order this cake since forever but decided to wait until a proper occasion ..
Chocolate, pink vanilla & red velvet such a killer mixture !

November Bakery

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food for Thought : Committed By Elizabeth Gilbert

"By this point of my life I have figured he cannot complete me, even he wanted to. I've faced enough of my own incompleteness to recognize that they belong solely to me"

Finishing a book per week is not a problem for me, however this book took me 3 weeks to finish . Why?
I'll tell you why, in this book the skeptic (Liz) finds herself in a situation forced to marry "Felipe". So unlike the fun read in  (Eat,Pray, Love) she falls back on all of the flaws that made her previous marriage fall apart and ways to make the upcoming one works . In this book she delves into heavy studies, researches and scholars to understand and quote and resolve in the matter of her divorce . Eventually she managed to open up and accept Felipe as her second husband.
Frankly saying, I'm applying many of these studies onto myself, within those 3 week I can admit I am becoming a different person from the inside. I felt as if she kneeled next to me and explained the necessary and un-noticed things with great details. It was a heavy read, may get you bored or give you a headache if you have Liz previous book in mind.  But for me it simply fell in the right time slot !
Allow me to quote this specific part "   We were two nice enough people, his deep seated fear of betrayal,bearing the wounds of some very average massive personal disappointments, and we were looking for something that might simply be possible in each other- a certain kindness a certain attentiveness, a certain shared yearnings to trust and be trusted." p.107 

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