August 12, 2014

Outfit of the Day : Eid

Finally sharing my eid outfit, to be honest it's not entirely new but I got this cape from Dubai when I went there last April and didn't have a chance to wear it . So Voila ! It became my eid outfit ..
Eid wasn't too festive for me as I went down with flu so I only managed to snap those pictures on a hurry before I got back into my pyjamas to spend the rest of the day in bed ..

بدلة العيد ولو انها متاخرة
مو كل شي يديد بس الكيب الاصفر اخذته لما رحت دبي شهر 4 ومالبسته كلش
قلت اخليه حق العيد ، هالعيد كلش ماسويت شي حاشتني صخونة قدرت اصور عالسريع بس 

The idea of white shoes still scares me, I always picture nurses in frumpy & boring white shoes. Yet Alexander Wang made me overcome this fear .. First they Glow in DARK ! I sound like an excited 8 year old, I know ! Yet they have this futuristic touch to them and besides they went on sale on
 The Outnet so I'd better get them before someone else does no?

كلش مو متقبلة فكرة اني البس جوتي ابيض ، يخطر على بالي جوتي السسترات الابيض بالمستشفي
بس هالشوز من اليكساندر وانغ خلاني اتقبل افكرة ، اول شي اهوا يشب بالظلمة  حسيتني رديت بالزمن طفلة عمرها 8 سنين  والمهم شكله غريب وحلو باللبس . وفوق هذا عليه خصم و واخر قطعة من الاوتنت فلازم اشتريه صح ؟

Outfit Details :
Cape : Poca & Poca
Shirt  & Pants : COS
Shoes: Alexander Wang
( Sold out, Available Here in Black )
Handbag : Louis Vuitton
Nail Polish: Bee's N Knee's, Topshop 
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