August 10, 2014

Dare to Wear? Dama Clutch

Backgammon or as we call it Dama, a playful approach from Sarah's bag
a handcrafted clutch in collaboration with Maison Tarazi the makers of fine oriental crafts

It's a gorgeous clutch, and such a collector's item of you are into such things.
I'd picture it with a linen caftan or a minimal outfit relying on beige and white which drives the attention to the clutch and its beautiful details
Dare to wear?
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1 comment

  1. It's probably not something I would wear but I'm already thinking of a lot of outfits it could go with. It's definitely an intriguing piece. I wonder how many people would actually try to play with it on a night out.
    Your blog header is amazing by the way!

    Raise The Waves


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