February 18, 2014

Dine In : The Community Table by Little Ruby's

Special Mocktail

Little Ruby's had a special Menu going on this weekend, which I've managed to try out with my friend this Saturday..
The Menu was assembled by  The Community Table a concept done by Chef Feras AlZaid who served us the food.
I apologize for the mobile phone pictures since I left my camera at home..
The first thing was served was watermelon, strawberry & ginger mocktail quite an interesting concotion I only wish it had crushed ice ..

Antipasto Platter

Marinated olives, artichokes & wild mushrooms..
The bread was quite tasty and the selection of vegetables that came along were fun to pick on


The salad was arugula, caramelized peaches with goat cheese and roasted almonds, drizzled with honey and mint vinaigrette .
It was polished off in no time ! I never thought I'd actually dig carameilzed peaches in a salad but it was a great balance between the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the peaches..

Fresh Handmade Pasta

The main dish for the night was a choice of fresh handmade  pasta wish a choice of Bolognese Beef or Fresh Basil Pesto. I went for the bolognese which ws a very safe choice, don't get me wrong it was tasty alright but nothing exciting about it..

Desserts " Cookies & Milk"

The happy ending was basil ice cream with roasted coconut, which is quite daring if I may say !
The colour was gorgeous but might not sit with everyone since it tastes pretty green !
The other scoop of icecream was honey icecream with pistachio and fresh ginger was soo good that I was tempted to ask for another one. The cookies on the side were sugarless cookies filled with dulce caramel and the plate was brushed with espresso reduction topped with fresh strawberries.

Little Ruby's
The Avenues, Soku


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