January 29, 2014

Dine In : Pintxos


Pintxos, Spanish tapas done right !
The overall ambiance of the place is dark with a soft wash of light, I was told it was quite alot  darker but they adjusted it accordingly..
The menu is quite big, with very few selection of images but you must go with a somewhat empty stomache and an open mind to be able to sample quite a lot..

Pink Lemongrass

Overall, I enjoy lemon grass as an addition to my tea and soup but this was something else. Zesty , sweet and quite refreshing..

Crispy Duck Salad
Fresh rocca leaves with shredded crispy duck, pomegranate seeds and silvered almonds
Quite tasty and a great start for a meal it got me excited to try out what's next !

Crispy Quail Legs

Picture chicken wings but this time it's replaced with quail which something quite tricky to master, if its not done right might end with a terrible after taste..
I'm glad that wasn't the case at Pintxos, the legs were crispy and golden from the outside yet juicy and tender upon the first bite..
Came with chipotle infused sauce, a bit on the sour side but worked perfectly..

Crispy Root Veggies

Something to munch on while waiting for your next order to arrive,  a mixture of veggie crisps to dip with Roasted Jalapeno Aioli sauce a bit oily but it still had a quite crunch..

Beef Skewers
Now this is the main highlight of the meal, I'm quite hesitant when it comes to ordering red meat at restaurants because it's never done !
But this was beyond my expectations, as it was nicely marinated and the skewers featured a good selection of fresh veggies and it came along with roasted baby potatoes and garlic aioli dip .

Corn Bread French Toast
The caramel sauce on the side was made from goat milk, which I expected to compliment the dish ..
Upon a first thought I thought corn bread and caramel would be a nice combination but not for me, the toast actually had bits of sweet corn which I thought a bit weird and the dough was somewhat dry  and airy . Not the perfect happy ending to a meal but it was a great experience nonetheless..
I'd highly recommend it even on weekends since it's a bit chilled and the crowd is somewhat subtle if you fancy grabbing a bite and enjoying a chat with a group of friends then Pintxos would be ideal..


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