June 24, 2013

Renovated Nail it !

Nail it Spa in Hawalli was closed for a while as it went through a renovation ..
The overall atmosphere of the nail saloon was cosy, colour palette was washed by royal blue, silver and white.. each seating area had it own team which gave each and every customer some privacy..

I loved the fact that the place is cozy and it had a partition of a flat screen tv which was  placed in the middle of the spa if you fancy watching TV while getting your nails done..
The nail polish selection was huge, and the invitation couldn't have came at a better time to prep my nails to meet Zoya (More details here )

The place is even suitable to be booked entirely for a mini girls party, 6 girls max to enjoy the night..

Sugar cookies with blue nail polish pictures, such a cute gesture..

Before leaving I was asked to select a paper nail polish from the mini nail polish tree they had and whatever I picked is free of charge to be used in my next visit ..
Got myself a free colour for next time..

Tel : 22658869

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