August 15, 2012

The Accessory Report: H&M

I managed to passby H&M  few days ago to check out their latest, and the accessory collection that just arrived made my head spin !
Affordable yet trendy accessories, who would say no to this?
At a first glance when I spotted the necklace above it didn't catch my attention, but a girl tried it on before me and it really looked cute so if you are a fan of spikes I suggest you go check it out !

Rope like necklace, with crystals and plastics rings I thought it would compelent plain flowy tops, whether it's black,beige or purple?

Collar necklaces are still on trend, I prefer them to embellished collars since they're more muhajaba friendly and won't get covered by Hijab..

Another collar necklace, which was more bling bling-y in real I think it would double as a headpiece as  well..

Leather bracelet, with sliver ornaments..
If you don't fancy an arm party you could simply wear one piece only..

This scarf is inspired by Givenchy, I had a long debate on Instagram to decide which one to get which left me more confused so I got them both :/

This box bag reminds me alot of Celine, there was one piece in neon pink but a customer has already taken it it might not be my style but it might be someone's else cuppa !

Cap toe brogues, nude in colour with a neon edge a bit brighter in real good enough for weekends or perhaps running errands ?



  1. I love this reports u do
    I wish i was in Kuwait i noticed ur H&M has better stocking than Saudi !!

    Eid Mobarak

  2. LOVING it all I am going to get some tomorrow night inshAllah.


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