February 13, 2012

Strolling Around Soho !

Just flipping through the pictures I had taken during my visit to NYC made feel like going back this instance !
I managed to visit during the holidays which is superb, everything is so festive and cosy not to forget the crazy discounts everywhere and the amazing Christmas and New Year's decorations.
So yeah on the second we found our way to Soho, we took the subway ofcourse just like true New Yorkers armed by Confashions list of hidden treasures around the place !

We stopped by Exquisite Past time she had a massive collection, some of the stuff were maybe a 100 yrs old ! Scary no? comes with a haunted ghost as well , nope just kidding but I loved the store overall didn't buy anything though !

I fell in love with this piece the amount of craftsmanship was amazing the tiny beads and pearls the amount of details was charming, aside from the powdery blue color, downside was a hideous rip under one of the arms but my friend tried it on just for fun !

Second one was Resurrection as highlighted by Conashions, it was a vintage finds heaven the amount of brands they had was breathtaking I didn't know where to start !
You'd find Vintage Versace, Moschino, Hermes & Valentino things you'd never thought you'd find and touch with your bare hands !
I fell in love with this dolly suit from Moschino, it was quirky and super cute with an excellent condition ! Unfortunetly photography was not allowed but thanks to Maria's help she provided me with whatever pictures I requested ! 

Too bad I can't recall the name of this boutique but upon spotting Cambridge Satchels glistennig by the front I had to step in, they only had them in neons though so I didn't get any but I fell in love with these Friendship Bracelets by Freida & Nellie with a kick ! by adding gemstones and beads each piece is one of a kind and unique and all of there accessories are handmade, they had other things too like hair ornaments and earings as well !

 Gotta fill my sugar cravings after the intensive shopping, so as my friend was raving about this cupcakery and gave me the death stare when I mentioned Magnolia's bakery we decided to give Little Cupcakes a shot !
It was soo shabby yet cozy, the display was soo inviting . I was drooling while trying to choose what to have if it wasn't for my friend I might have ordered most of the stuff they had !

Finally settled for Chocolate Cloud cupcake & Smore's cupcake ! I took a bite of the Chocolate cloud first it was so yummy, the marshmallow frosting was so fluffly and light but the Smore's was a Winner aside from being super moist, the crushed Graham crackers bits were mixed with some chocolate spread and sneaked into the bits of the cupcakes along with the fluffy marshmallows frosting focourse made it a killer a combination !

Tory Burch as well was on the map as I highlighted in a previous post !

I cannot say enough about Poppy ! I can't thank you enough Confashion, this boutique was something highlighting the best of NYC fashion designers fell in love with Elizabeth & James Claudia dress shown in the window above as well as I discovered later the dress I got from Gryphon was highlighted by the Mighty Leandra Medine of Man Repeller !

The final stop after consulting google maps and asking a dozen of people about the directions to Openning Ceremony When I saw the display with The Muppets and Miss Piggy poster wearing plaid pants I was literally shrieking from joy !
It's not only any regular boutique its a gallery and a piece of art by all means wether its the display of the whole place or the careful pick of the clothing items, candles, books furniture you name it and you'll find it !

I loved this Miss Piggy Shirt, from the collection The Muppets for Openning Ceremony,
super adorable no? I got a thing for The Muppets just brings back lovely childhood memories <3

Check out this gorgeous dress by Christopher Kane, so summery and so chic the lace print is simply  gorgeous !
The boutique was huge and I wanted to check out their collection of Alexander Wang, as I was looking for the most coveted Rocco Handbag helped by the lovely staff member Lizzy Okpo whos dying to visit K-town by the way !
Drop me an email whenever babes, anyways I only find it in grey and black and the studs were plastic not metal but got other stuff and Chloe Sevigny  collection was the highlight !
Their fitting room was soo spacious and they had actual movie theatre seats for you to sit and wait, awesome eh?

That takes us to the end of our stroll, as I was famished and exhausted by then just grabbed a seat at a random italian ristorante which served a mouth watering gnocchi !
Just the perfect ending for a long day !



  1. Thank you for the mention :*
    I loved this post! And that miss piggy top! I've been contemplating whether I should get it or not... LOVE! But not sure if I can pull it off..

    Wow! That striped dress? Great purchase!

    1. You're welcome !
      the miss piggy top would look smashing on you, I was thinking it would go nicely with a pair of high waisted jeans no? there's a flared version I've been eyeing for quite a while !

      Thanks alot love :* I can't wait to wear it !


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