February 14, 2012

Food for Thought : Skipping A Beat

"I've so many things to tell you , or one thing-huge as the sea, deep & infinite as the sea: I love you." La Boheme', Puccini

Skipping A Beat
Sarah Pekkanen

A story about two young couple the wedding planner Julia and her husband Michael who out of the blue fell on the floor during a business meeting and his heart stopped for few minute, only to regain conscious right after intact physically but something inside him shifted the workaholic successful business man who dismessed even having children for the sake of his career, made him decide to give all of it away !
The shocked Julia, is between two choices to divorce him and leave this man who only looks like her husband, or stick with him for the sake of the years they spent together? as he asks her to give him only 3 weeks to prove himself & a lot happens within these weeks.

"Slowly but steadily, our life would take on a reassuring solid shape. But Michael was focusing on a very different future.It wasn't that I didn't believe he'd be successful, but we were too poor kids from West Virginia. We were the first ones in our families to go to college. " 
"He was a dreamer, I was the pragmatist. how high could we realistically aim?" P.90


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