January 18, 2012

Tory Burch : The Dark Side !

Was strolling around Soho and having my pick throughout the gorgeous boutiques around the area, but really what stood out was Tory Burch boutique how they had green grass to decorate their windows in contras with the overall orange color of the place, upon stepping in you'd feel as if its Spring already in contrast with the harsh cold outside !

 Even their fitting rooms were adorable, and they passed my test I really avoid stuffy and tight fitting rooms it freaks me out and makes me feel suffocated but Tory had gorgeous fitting room, quite spacious and draped with heavy cutrains !
I went a lil' overboard shopping here for me and for my mom ofcourse wether its their flats handbags, accessories and clothig it was the biggest boutique I have encountered during my trip and offered a wide selection that I cudn't find in anyother place so thank God I took the oppurtunity !
Thanks to the lovely sales lady, Taylor !

So here's one of the outfits I got, as I promised AMA Traveler since she loved this brand  !

I wore the outfit for a day out with the girls, it was rainning last week, hence the rainboots and the lovely her got the loveliest surprise ever !

Contrast print, cream, black and grey tweed ! My friend says the pring remined her of pacman !
No wonder it attracted me ! LOL !

Decided to break the dark pattern and opt for a raspberry colour handbag !

Dress & Cardigan & Handbag : Tory Burch
Pants: H&M
Wellies: Valentino ( Via Net a Porter)
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent & BCBG
Belt: Zara



  1. Amazingly Gorgeous !!!! Rw3aa mashallah ! I love I loooove ! 3laich bil3afia ! Unique brand and unique taste ;)

  2. LOVE LOVE ur ring and boots <3 lovely as always

  3. I love the BCBG ring! and the boots *heart*


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