November 24, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

The family got excited the minute they saw me carrying a bag from November Bakery, but soon the excitment was replaced by disappointmet as they figured its not their beloved Heart Breaker Cake.

To be honest I've had enough Heart Breaker so decided to grab something else for a change, and trust me it was a success !

Dali chocolate cake with thin layers of white chocolate & chocolate bits adorned with an assortment of cake bites !

 After I had my first slice I went to finish praying, then came back to find it almost gone !
Surprise surprise they loved it after all !

So fancy a bite?
Have a great long weekend everyone !

November Bakery
Tel: 97313310


1 comment

  1. seriously, November Bakery cakes will be the death of me.
    I am so addicted! try the pistachio one next time


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