July 06, 2011

Recent Purchase

Last August I got myself a pair of Sketchers Shape Ups, very comfy and were perfect for my trip to the States but someone borrowed them and I never saw them back !

I decided to get myself another pair since I noticed a huge difference in my figure, posture and how the back of my legs were tightenning !

Got mum a pair which she loves for everyday errands and recommended it to a friend who says her husband won't take them off !

What I loved about the last pair I got that it supports Breast Cancer Research by donating a percentage of my purchase, check out the cute pin it came attached with ! What more could I ask for !

Trust me it feels like walking on a cloud, if you're getting yourself a pair of sneakers anytime soon I sure recommend these !

        Skechers, Avenues Mall
Price Tag :
37 KD



  1. they're so cute ! and look super comfy .. malboos el3afya :*

  2. i got mine long time ago the only thing i didnt like about it is that it hurts my toes joints .. i feel all the preasure is there at that spot so my experience ended up with it from 1st day .

  3. I-found :
    That's weird perhaps its a bit tight?
    Usually with sneakers I buy half a size or a size bigger so I can stretch my toes and wear a pair of thick socks !

  4. Hi,
    Where is the shop located inside the avenues exactly?

  5. Anonymous:
    Phase two , upstairs next to the food court


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