July 07, 2011


Men who takes it upon themselves and wear their wedding bands all the time, deserve a round of applause !
A question to all the gentlemen out there , if you're married do you wear your wedding band?
or in future hopefully would you wear your wedding band ?

I went wedding band shopping with a friend lately, the one we loved the most was
the Atlas ring from Tiffany & Co 

Note: Thnx to Aziz from Q8Blend for posing for this picture , wedding band from Al-Arbash



  1. akheeeh ya glby, ur post yah 3al jar7 *sniff*! i was planning to write about this long time ago!

    smth about kuwaiti men, they rarely wear wedding rings ella fi elmonasabat esa3eeda, madre lesh!

    hubs wear it from time to time :)

  2. Et7ayey the blogger for the post and Aziz for the pose hehhe

  3. They sure do deserve a round of applause!

    I think this is an important step. It's like flaunting their marriage with a simple act. There should not be a reason for them not to.

    This is the one my husband has. It's also from the Atlas collection.


  4. Thank u so much sweety for supporting my point of view, in my opinion this is how he shows that our marriage is valuable to him, I really appreciate that Aziz is wearing the wedding band, hope ur husband (or future's) will wear it too ;)

  5. thank u B & thank u wifey & thank u everybody for the positive encouragement :)

  6. Swera:
    go ahead and post let's see what is their excuse :P

  7. Amethyst:
    Oh hello :****
    That's one pretty band N got !

  8. Mimi :
    You're welcome sweety, just a weird thought haunting my mind in the past while !
    Thnx to you and Aziz for your kind help and supporting me !
    Hopefully my future husband would be up to it, but for now I'm embracing my single life ;)

  9. Aziz:
    You're welcome !
    And thnx for being up to my crazy idea !
    allah y5aleekhum 7g b3a'6 inshallah ;)

  10. I think men that wear their wedding rings show respect for their wives. My Father hated rings and never wore his after the wedding day. But he treats my Mom like a Queen so she doesn't mind. ;)

  11. Lol my husband lost his on the day of our milcha ... It ended up being in his pocket the whole time

    So I took it for "safe keeping" ... I lost it !!!

    Lol yeah so we don't do rings well at all

  12. They definitely deserve credit for wearing their rings. Everytime I go out with my friends and we see a cute couple we check to see if he's wearing the ring :P
    My Dad lost his and my Mom's like '6af'. Bes a7is I'd be upset if I ever got married and my husband wouldn't wear it or lost it.

  13. My husband gave it to me right after the wedding and said: Keep it! sheno albesa ana Lebnanee? lol


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