July 05, 2011

Kitsch Cupcakes

Tried those cupcakes during my visit to Dubai, too bad they don't allow photography so I only managed to snap pictures of our orders .

We got the mini ones for take away , red velvet with cream cheese, nuttella & vanilla cupcakes !

The nuttella was soo good, I loved it same applies to the red velvet but the vanilla was just vanilla you know nothing special !
What I loved about Kitsch cupcakes that they offer gluten free cupcakes, eggless cupcakes, sugar free & dairy free !
I believe good frosting is what makes a cupcake and for sure it was one hell of an amazing frosting !

Got me a cuppa cappucino to go with the cupcakes, perfectly hitted the spot <3
I got myself a cute t-shirt from their store as well, will show it off later ;)

Dubai International Financial Centre
Tel : 04 395 6963


  1. I love Kitsch <3
    Ana nafsich I love the nutella, bas el Red Velvet more!!!!!!!

  2. i can never understand why they wont allow photography, i mean its good for them as publicity !


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