June 11, 2011

Random Thought

Hanging out in the mall or enjoying a chat in a cafe I notice lots of stylish girls , If you happen to be one of them would you pose for me and allow me to take a picture of you? Yay or nay?
Need your feedback guys?

Picture above my friend Aya rocking the cutest pearl adorned cardigan with little puffy shoulders , I love small pretty details she got it from a random boutique in Camden Town, London.



  1. of course i would say yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! but im kinda over weight ....i believe being over weight doesnt mean you can be messy!!! no way.....i love the cardigan soooooooooooo much.....so summery, so simple ;)

  2. hhhmmm no i wouldnt, coz to be honest, you can't trust people these days, what if she uses my pic for some other creepy reason?! :/

  3. Swera:
    that's your opinion and I respect it ! I usually take pictures without showing the face!

  4. MEEEeeeee meeeee pick meeee :D:D I would definitely pose for you .. i've been so passionate about America's next top model for the past 3 months so i'm really up to the idea I wanna be a moooodel :P
    but it depends if u like my outfit or not :P

  5. ehehe if it was you , i would say definitely YES

  6. i wouldn't mind at all , big yay bas lazem ykoon ma3ay food :P a piece of chocolate at least :P


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