June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

 To Me !

Just a teaser, stay tuned for more pictures !
Few months back I was in rock bottom, lots of people whom I considered my friends shown their true colors and gave up on me..
But few genuine people reached out for me and stood by my side.
Now looking back , I know when God take something away he gives something better in return.
My dear family and friends I love you to bits & pieces, you made my day special even though it collided with a terrible memory my Birthday passed smoothly and now I've got a better memory to keep.

I thank every and each one of you who attended, texted, tweeted or called..
Thanx Mr.Basil, Thanx Vilas & Thanx Cocoa Room for your extraordinary hospitality !
God bless you all, love you all  <3

Photo Courtesy Faith



  1. Happy Birthday dear
    el3mr killa inshallah.
    enjoy ur time :)

  2. HApppy birthday for the second time sweetie i'm really glad u had fun & sad i wasn't there to share ur happiness ;'(
    mashallaaaaah 3al'3anaym now the child inside u grow more when it comes to having presents and opening them :D

  3. happy b'day dear and i always remmber something my sis said it to me that "لما يختفي احد من حياتك او تنصدمين فيه وتبعدين عنه تذكري دعوة امي ان يبعد عنج عيال الحرام" so enjoy your life o eli makes sad moo worth inich etkonen fe 7ayata ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  4. happy bday sweets isa el 3omr kolo

  5. Happy birthday again I wish all your dreams come true and a year full of happiness and achievements ;* we had fun in your lovely birthday thank you B

  6. Haaappy biirthdaaay o kil 3am wintay b5aair inshala ;**

    Glad you had a great day, now forget all about the old terrible memory and hold on to the new good one o 3asa ayamich kilha 7elwa :)

  7. Happy belated birthday babes ;)xoxo

  8. happy birthday to u cha cha cha , kl 3am oo ente b5air dear :)

  9. Happy birthday sweetie! Hope you had a great day! :) Wanasa it looks like u got awesome goodies ;)

  10. Thaaaank you all, for your sweet an kind wishes I'm so honoured having such supportive and thoughtful blog buddies , you rock !
    Mwah :*

  11. Happy birthdaaay babe lovely pic with gifts :D

  12. ooooh, im sorry for my late wishes :( happy belated birthday :*** i didnt know :(

  13. Sorry I'm late but ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetie! I hope you had a lovely day. Mine is this week. :)

  14. Was that in cocoa room :D
    And happy birthday hope u enjoyed it :)


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