November 21, 2016

Splurge VS. Steal

Splurge VS. Steal
Left: Balenciaga , Right : Loeil

This blazer was circled endless times already on Street Style Accounts and now I just managed to find something a bit similar with a reasonable price tag.
So what would you choose, would you rather Splurge or Steal ?

وايد شفت صور لهذا الجاكيت من بالنسياجا في انستغرام واغلب المواقع اللي اتصفحها ، لقيت شي وايد مشابه له بسعر
. اقل طبعا
شنو تختارون بالنسياجا ولا لويل ؟


1 comment

  1. These look almost identical to me so I'd go for the steal!


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