November 29, 2016

Dine In : Brunch at Three and Barista

  This weekend I've managed to try out Three & Barista for brunch, for now they serve breakfast only during the weekends ( Friday & Saturday) from 8 am to 3 pm.
واخيرا جربت الريوق في ثري اند باريستا بحديقة الشهيد، الريوق حاليا بس بالويكند ( يوم اليمعة والسبت ) من الساعة 8 الصبح لغاية الساعة 3 العصر
Flat White

Eggs Galette
Scrambled eggs topped with savoury french crepe and warm goat-feta cheese sauce to pour on top.

Green Omelette
Green spinach omlette stuffed with red spinach, ricotta cheese & pine nuts.

Breakfast Bun
Scrambled eggs. cheddar cheese, hash brown and caramelized onion. 
I would say that this sandwich and the previous dish was among my favourites, so if you fancy comfort food or something healthy it's either of those two choices.

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pizza
This was also interesting, since the pizza crust wasn't actually a dough but rather sliced potato topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a fried egg.

Brioche French Toast
This was very popular among everyone, but I shied away since it had banana's . 

Bubble Waffle
The happy ending was definitely this dish, topped with a chocolate spread, sliced almonds and edible flowers.


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