July 24, 2016

Three Things

Trish McEvoy Precious Pink Jasmine
Current favourite summer perfume at the moment.
عطري المفضل من بدى يحتر الجو

 Phone Cover By Ten | Eleven
It couldn't get any better than this, custom made I-phone cover featuring my my name in Arabic. It's so pretty that I want to show it off to everyone.
ماهقيت انه عندنا شي محلي الصنع يكون بهالجودة ، كفر التلفون باسمي وبالعربي شكله يشوق وكل ماطلعت تلفوني سألوني من وين الكفر

Matching my top with my coffee cup
My latest obsession is this Keffiyah print, it's been high on trend lately that I see it every where so I had to get it or else I 'd might have gone crazy ~ !
الفترة الأخيرة وايد حابه نقشة الكوفية الفلسطينية ، هابين فيها بشكل خيالي حسيت ضروري اضيف هالتوب والبسه عدل هالصيف

1 comment

  1. Goodmorning,ciao,
    three nice things indeed! the first photo is charming...the second is intriguing with Your name in Arabic...the third photo is ...Artistic...with the perfect match between the cup and Your fabolous top...and,by the way...Your hands are very beautiful!


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