January 15, 2016

Tried and Tested: Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection

  Nude lips have been a signature look of mine in the past while, since I'm going a bit dramatic with the wing liner why not tune things up with muted tones on the lips..
The latest introduction by Rimmel London , Kate Nude lasting finish lipsticks..
Let me honest, I'm not big on drug store lipsticks so it's a new experience for me..
The package came with a clear lip balm with an SPF 15 protection, to prep the lips for lipstick.
  It's quite hydrating I must say that I even used t sans the lipstick, quite beyond the point !
Anyways, for the lipsticks the colours were quite nice and it glided smoothly during application as each shade  had a different muted tone to it. 
The lightest shade had a bit of a light beige minus the corpse look, the darker  one was a bit sorta pinkish in colour, and the darkest I think more suited for someone with a darker skins hence darker lips but a pretty shade nonetheless. And I would say it had more of a satin finish too it, not too moist nor matte which is also a new turf for me since I always opt for mattes . 

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