June 21, 2014

Brand in Focus : Chick Lit Designs


Michelle Wolett is the designer and owner of Chick Lit Designs.  Known for her instantly recognizable handcrafted designer handbags and ereader and iPad covers made from hardcover books.  Michelle runs her business from her home studio in the Suburbs of Gilbert, Arizona.  The process starts by finding a hardcover book, this can be anything from a well-loved childrens book to a old history textbook.  Carefully selecting the closures, fabric and handles to match the theme and colors of the book.  When finished, the customer receives a nostalgic piece of art, combining fashion with Literature and Technology.  The clutches are such an amazing fashion statement- bridging the gap between "Brains and Beauty". 

مصممة هالبراند ، ميشيل سميث تصاميمها من الاغلفة الصلبة للكتب  تسوي منها جناط، او اغلفه للايباد
بعدين تضيف لمساتها من اقمشة واكسسواات تتماشى مع الوان الغلاف

Those covers looks very cute to store items on your desk without making it too busy..
When I first saw them at a local boutique, the idea is quite interesting and she can make you an i-pad cover as well..
Probably if I left my mini I-pad on the desk with such cover no one would consider to steal it, smart no?
شكله حلو لو ينحط على المكتب حق الاوراق والدبابيس يعطي شكل وبنفس الوقت يخلي شكله مرتب ، متوفرين في بوتيك كوكو اند زووي موقعه في ليلي سنتر . حسيت يصلح حق ايبادي عشان لي نسيته عالمكتب محد راح يقرب صوبه حسبالهم كتاب


So shop of Chick Lit Designs if you are in Kuwait at Coco & Zoey
Or you may shop online


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