April 04, 2014

Dine In - Dubai : Yamanote Atelier


Yamanote Atelier, is a cute Japanese French Fusion Bakery recently opened at Wasel Square. Lucky for us we've managed to fit it into the last day schedule to have a quick bite before heading to the airport..
Blending the Japanese baking skills and fine taste with French presentation..

Totoro bun: Sweet Dough filled with chocolate custard cream

I simply felt like a kid in a candy store upon entering, the un-resistible smell of baked good and the exquisite presentation along with a very welcoming and soothing colour palette that decorated the place..

Yamanote Croissant

Their pastries are baked fresh daily, using 6 kinds of flour exclusively imported from Japan.
The system is simple you pick up a tray and a tong, fill it up then go to the cashier to pay, find your seat and they'll bring your order.

I ended up selecting four as seen above, the Yamanote croissant filled with custard cream and keri was my favourite. The cheesey dough had 3 kinds of cheese nice and salty and the long one was sweet dough filled with some sort of sweetened cream cheese equally yummy. The Hello Kitty one was a donut filled with nutella which I'm not a big fan of but very cute to snap pictures of !
But I was definitely tempted to grab more of the Yamanote Keri Croissant..

Matcha Tea Latte
For my drink I had Matcha tea latte, so delicious I didn't want it to end..

And you know a girl must have desserts to conclude the happy ending of the meal with Hokkaido soft serve ice cream: made of fresh milk . Very tasty and refreshing and now for a limited time only they are serving Sakura ( Cherry Blossom) ice cream so make sure you try it if you are visiting Dubai..
I would definitely drop by again to enjoy their mouthwatering pastries for breakfast or brunch.
Yamanote Atelier


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