December 19, 2013

Valentino : Red Riding Hood

If red riding hood existed among us these recent days that would be the cape she would pick out, minus the hood ofcourse. Perhaps a fashionable version of little red no?
The cape looks astonishing by itself, and let me tell you a little secret . I was always infatuated with capes coming from red riding hoods and got a fair selection of childhood pictures as a proof..
لا شعوريا اول ماشوف كيب لو شنو يكون لونه تروح مخيلتي حق ليلى والذيب ، تهقون لو كانت عايشة بينا اللحين راح تختار هالكيب من فالنتينو؟ تدرون بعد كبرت وذوقها تطور
Upclose, the embroidery is exquisite and you know how Valentino makes the perfect shade of red which is impossibe to match by any other brand !
 من قريب، الكيب مشكوك ومطرز والصراحة اللون الاحمر من فالنتينو افضل درجة شفتها للحين

The cape is quite dressy and I think would be reception/small wedding appropriate coming from the person that ensures getting her arms slightly covered for such occasions for some reason I pictured with a sweet shade of pink to downplay the bold shade of red <3

الكيب وايد راقي وماحس ينلبس كل مكان يمكن يصلح حق استقبال / ولا حفلة صغيرة بالبيت احس لونه يطلع حلو مع وردي فاتح عشان يبرز حده اللون الاحمر




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