December 15, 2013

All Eyes on Dior

So I spotted these gorgeous Dior  boots at Level Shoe District during my last visit to Dubai, I loved the embroidery details on the boot and ofcourse you must already know my obsession with eyes <3
And the curved details of the heel was an added element but I know myself that I won't dare to pull them off , I feel they kinda look odd on a muhajaba with high heeled boots specially long ones like these ..
I was hoping I'd find the slippers version of the same design, but for my luck they were sold out then..
انا تقريبا عندي هوس بالعيون ، وايد شوقني التطريز اللي على البوت بعد وشكل الكعب شلون معكوف جذي شوقني بس كمتحجبة مادري ليش اشوف شكلي غلط لي لبست بوت كعب طويل يمكن لو فلات عادي
كان فيه منه جوتي فلات مو بوت بس للاسف على حظي طلع مخلص, البوت كان موجود في "ليفيل" ملتقى الاحذية اللي بدبي مول

1 comment

  1. Oh my! These are absolutely amazing! I always love a curved heel. If only....


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