November 19, 2013

On the Fashion Radar, Dolce & Gabbana Shoes

The latest collection from Dolce & Gabbana is simply irresistible, footwear should be called a piece of art due to the  intricate details it features..
The pair of caged wedges was something I thought I must try on to get out of my system, and let me warn you it's super high that might replace a skyscraper easily..
I spotted those insane shoes at Level Shoes District, during my last visit to Dubai
اخر كولكشن من دولتشي اند غابانا بصراحة تحفة فنية ، انا ماركزت على شي كثر ماركزت على الجواتي
القطعة اللي تشوفونها فوق الصراحة تصلح تنحط في كبت زجاجي وتتعامل على اساس انها قطعة ديكور
وطبعا ماخليتها بخاطري وقايسته ، حسيت نفسي ناطحة سحاب 

The same design minus the exaggerated wedge, making a statement the subtle way..
نفس الديزان اللي فوق بس يشكل ابسط ، وايد كان عليه طلب

Another heel I personally liked where those velvet mary-jane pumps, the crystal and flower cameo's crusted heels blew me away along with the metal carving gave it another depth..


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