April 22, 2013

Soft Opening : Ribs and Rumps

Last week got an invitation to the soft opening of Ribs and Rumps located in the new restaurant complex (Menus) .
Not a meat person myself but I allow myself to indulge every once in a while ..
Let me tell you a funny story, I was accompanied by my friend who first asked to be served desserts as a start for the meal and she was a bit self conscious about this request. Little she knew I rather have my desserts first before digging into the meal and for some reason the staff took our weird request literally and served us; desserts, main course & finally appetizers ! *lol*

Grilled mushroom skillet, very tasty and had a hint of garlic to it..
We ordered calamari and chips as well but I haven't tried it..

The ribs !
Where to start, it wasn't that tender but the flavour was out of this world..
I was kinda skeptic, since the dish look like it suited a carnivore from stone age but to my surprise the overall flavour was excellent..

The second main course we had was ribs burger, first time for me to try it but it's gonna be my must have dish to eat on my next visit.. It was tasty, tender and fulfilling without being too heavy and I loved the fact it was served on a cereal bun..

Which leads us to the happy ending, honey pinenuts & rosemary tart..
Not too sweet and perfect to accompany tea..

The second dessert, since you know one isn't enough as suggested by the waiter we went for the Hazelnut tart.. chocolatey but not too much which made it perfect.. Light and fluffy..

The interior was interesting, we only wished that the lights was dimmer to give the place a more cosy feel but it was for our advantage to take better pictures with strong lights..

The top floor

 The stairs, perfect attention to details <3


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