October 21, 2012

Food for Thought : The Patchwork Marriage

The Patchwork Marriage
by Jane Green
" I still don't get it. How do you go from one day being virtually inseparable and telling each other everything, even those embarrassing awul stories that you would never tell anyone else, to being virtual strangers ? "
The story of Andi, a lady in her late thirties marrying Ethan who happens to be divorced with two girls of his own.
She clicks immediately with his youngest Sophia but finds herself troubled with his eldest daughter Emily who happens to be an out of control teenager who manages to suck the entire attention of the family as if the world's centers around her and her endless needs..
She manages to maniupulate her father into guilt of prefering his wife on his daughter which created a gap in the current marriage..
Emily gets pregnant right after she finishes highschool, so the troubled daughter fails this time in manipulating her father as he's clearly her behaviour and the false accusations she constantly throws at her stepmother..
Andi finds the mother love in her overflowing, so she comforts her stepdaughter as much as she can during her pregnancy as she was yearning for a child of her own she welcomes the expected child with open arms..
Few months after delivering the baby, Emily runs away leaving baby boy behind for Ethan and Andi to raise as their own..
Few years after, Emily comes back with an un expected surprise of wanting to to claim the baby boy back away from the only people he knew since birth..
It's an emotional read, with lots of actions to absorb and I still coudln't find why did the girls mother became an alchoholic? which  obviously lead to divorce


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