September 14, 2012

Shopping at London Town !

Sharing bits of my fashion finds throughout my visit to London town, Jaeger Boutique new arrivals I really fancied the floral suit but I have so many floral items so I hesitated if I would get them or not !

Cute thin belt, with a little padlock to be fastened around the front of the waist..

Matching handbag to go with the thin belt above, there was a smaller version of the same bag but it's a nice casual bag ..

Doc Marten collaboration with Liberty, not neccesarily my style but Doc Marten's are making a huge comeback as I noticed lately!

Jeffrey Campbell statement heeless shoes, I tried them on for the sake of it but wasn't too tricky to walk in but didn't get them..

Another heeless wedge by Jeffrey Campbell, I already have the flats version but was very popular around the shoppers that day..

On a first glance, I was like that Miu Miu dress is soo cute but on a closer look I noticed that it was actually Victoria Beckham  latest collection !
The resembelance is uncanny !

Drop waist dress by Roksanda Ilincic, I loved the fit and how it compliments my figure but the fact that it was wool was a No No for me..

Quirky dress by Mary Katranzou, the pencil print is so un-expected but it takes an artist to achieve such an amazing result or a dress in that matter !

New from Chanel, the Chanel Satchel as we still didn't catch our breathes from the boy bag now another obsession in mind which is the satchel and let me tell you that it was selling like hot cakes !

The hunt down for Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats is still going, and I still want the green ones so I skipped the pink ones which I still regret !

Miu Miu collection, those flared pants looked interesting or as I called them the peplum pants but I think they were worth trying them on for a better judgement !

Constructed felt cap at United Nude boutique, the amount of engineering and work behind this cap is remarkable !

United Nude shoes, the perfect mixture between architecture and fashion simply turned into shoes and you might have spotted those shoes before on my blog before

H&M collar necklace which I snatched on the first day of my visit as it was something not to be missed and what attracted me the most that it was heavy considering it's a high street find and finishing was more than perfect ! 

Pastelle coloured pointed toe shoes from Kurt Geiger , somewhat reminds me of Louis Vuitton shoes
 for some reason  I spotted the black and white version at K-town this week.


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