September 24, 2012

Dine In : Maki Ipad Menu

Got an invitation to try out the newly intorduced I-pad Menu by Maki
an innovative approach to order through out Ipads then add them up to your cart before checking out and your order goes directly to the chef once the order is finalised..

What I loved about the menu that the new menu provided a clear picture of every item on the menu with a description of its ingredients bold and clear  and it was super easy to browse and flip the pictures from every section but to be honest the only point we had that it was a bit hard when pressing the buttons finally to submit the order..
It took flexing some muscles to add the items to the cart !

Our suggestion was to perhaps provide pointer pens or something to make it easier to pick without having to resort to violence *haha*
Well, everyone fears what a hungry person capable of doing !

Spicy Garlic Edmame

First, starting with appetizers we went for spicy garlic edmame a lighter option than the regular spicy ones but were tasty and the flavour wasn't over powering ..

Juju Salad

One of the new additions to the menu it contained Crispy Crab, Assorted Lettuce (Iceberg, Lollo Rosso, Frisee), White Radish, Carrots, Crispy Beetroot, Thyme, Exotic Shiso Cress with our Special Sauce .
Very subtle and simple if you like no fuss salad then that's for you..

Crispy Salad
 Which is my absolute favourite since it contains sweet potato and beetroot chips <3

Spicy Salmon Sushi

Salmon, spring onion and sesame along with a spicy sauce even though I love spicy food but that dish wasn't for me but my friends loved it..

Angus Beef Skewer
 It was soft and tender, well seasoned that it melted in my mouth ..

Torch Flamed Salmon

That was my friend's order I didn't try it myself but they said it was tasty and full of flavour and it was flamed to perfection so there wasn't any hint of fishiness..

Bader Maki

Salmon, Crabstick , Ikura , Cucumber , Avocado , Exotic Cress , Black Sesame with extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pari Pari sauce
First time for me to try it and it was a good suggestion we cleaned up the entire dish in no time..

Sazdel Maki

My favourite roll at maki, the mix of salmon and torch flamed goat cheese is unsual however unexpectedly good.
I keep on ordering it every time I go there as if to check if they maintain my bar of expectations and they never disappoint !

Tartufo Yaki Udon
 Scallop and truffles noodles infused olive oil and black truffle oil which is a must try by the way since it was my favourite dish <3
Just the thought of it makes me drool and I can't wait to have it again soon !

The happy ending was Exotic sorbet; guava, mango and raspberry sorbet light and sweet but I was too full by then so took few spoonfuls, the same applies to Ivory and Ebony Sundae; dark and white chocolate with vanilla ice cream .
Since we were celebrating my friend's belated birthday Mr. Toufic & Mr. Hussain from Maki were kind enough to sing and bring a candle for my friends to blow which was a very sweety gesture..

Burj Jassim
 Tel: 22901010


  1. Last year when we traveled to Indonesia every place was doing this even the small ones we were like wow.


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