June 12, 2012

Sotra Boutique X DarUsha

Last week I recieved a lovely customized invitation from Noaf of PLT & Heba the owner of DarUsha to attend their indoor garden party featuring Jeddah Based boutique " Sotra"
The invitation itself was super cute and I got really excited to attend the event..

 The event was held last Saturday, the whole place was wrapped up with a summery indoor party..
The theme was very creative & simple

Complimentary refreshing bites of fresh watermelon and lavender gelato which was so delicious <3

A selection of collars, but most of the good stuff besides the turbans was sold out by the time I arrived.. According to Noaf that it was selling like hot cakes !

Another highlight of the event was Anaikka  pieces, featuring heavy mettalic collars, harnesses and bolero's , which not to forget that the performers at Maddona's super bowl concerts were wearing !

Bedour looking good in Topshop Unique t-shirt featuring Cleopatra and her ear cuff was exceptionally pretty!
This time Bedour's opted for a laid back look, nonetheless this girl always manage to impress !

Refreshing lemonade and recycled glass bottles used at vases..

The dynamic duo, Athari of Little Bird Tell and her sister Noha of NohaNoor
Did I mention how much I love Athari she's so down to earth and such a beauty mashallah !
I'm a big fan of Noha's look as well, bold colours, clean cuts which was finished off with a statement necklace, I'm guessing it's her own design ?

DarUsha owner , " Hiba" was rocking a statement necklace from Lanvin plus a statement piece from Anaikka collection, as you can never go wrong with black and white which she finished it off with a pair of yellow heels ! I'm guessing Alexander Birman ?

I met again with Bazza from B Vintage boutique, loved the pleated royal blue skirt which she teamed up a ruffled denim vest.. Very Minimal yet chic !

Finally, loved the SideTalk outfit, those patterned leggings plus a simple denim shirt and sum layering action really nailed it !


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  1. ahh your so sweet habibti .. love you too :**

    allah la ya5linii :)


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