May 07, 2012

Zeebrgrg Take 3 !

Last week I was invited to try out Zeebrgr new dishes, that's not my first time to visit this place but I really enjoyed the food in the previous visits so I decided to give a try and check out the new dishes..

  We started the meal with  Crispy Salad, which is my favourite salad and it didn't fail as usual just the perfect mixture of fresh greens and crispy ingredients..

Sweet Potato Fries
On my previous visits sweet potato fries was outta stock, lucky for me this time it's available it was crispy, tasty and finished off with a pinch of cinnamon a nice change instead of fries..

Spicy Bites
Yummy burger bites with a spicy taste, if you wanna give your taste buds a kick at the beginning of a meal..

Beef Skewers
Now those were really delicious, if you are not in the mood for burgers then you must go for the beef skewers. It was tender, cooked to perfection and the teryaki sauce was supper yummy..

Zee Mushroom Fries
One of the new additions to the menu is the mushroom fries, for some reason I thought it would be topped with a creamy mushroom sauce but instead it was topped of with a their own thousand island sauce. It was different but wasn't my cuppa..

Zee Classic Burger
This burger would be perfect for someone who don't like taking risks in food, so it was just a simple classic burger with bacon and eggs..

Fish N' Chips
I can't wait to take my mom to try this burger, it was delicious the fish fillet was butter and soft with crispy potato chips on top but the difference than any other fish n' chips burgers that they subtituted the expected tartar sauce with thousands islands..

Tex Mex Burger
This burger was on fire, perfect for a spicy food fan but I think the Mexico burger still remains my favourite !

Don't you love my friends rings? She got those cute tip rings from Fortune Cookie Boutique and I loved her caviar nail polish <3

 Popcorn Pain Perdu
Which takes us to the happy ending, this dessert was a killer, a different twist to a regular pain perdue the addition of popcorn and caramelized apples on top was simply perfect just looking at the picture right now makes me crave it all over again !

Chocolate Brownie Magma
We were not planning on a second dessert, but Mr. Toufic our host for the night insisted on us to try it out and I'm glad he did otherwise we wouldn't have tried this outstanding dessert..
You'd think it's a regular brownies but it had an unexpected twist once you take a bite, instead of nuts it had rice crispies and topped with a white chocolate brownie to make this chocolate concotion an irresistible taste..

Thanks alot for the chef Michael, Mr. Toufic and Mr. Joe for their kind invitation and generous hospitality.. It was a pleasure to sample the new menu at Zeebrgr

Palms Hotel, AlBida'
Tel: 2561 2374


  1. I went to it once when they first opened and I didnt like it at all! These pictures are making me think twice about it!

    1. Oh really, I tried it as well maybe something wasn't right at the beginning !
      Let me know if you try it ;)

  2. didnt try it yet but those picture are amazing i hope the food will be the same :)


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