May 17, 2012

H&M Red Carpet Conscious Collection

It's old news by now, spotted the latest red carpet collection at H&M Kuwait  to be honest I wasn't that excited about it anyways but after I saw Ginnifer Goodwin wearing one of the pieces to the White House dinner few weeks back  and it looked absolutely darling..

On a first glance, the collection doesn't look bad at all.
I don't know about you but about me I would wear one of these dresses for a party or a gathering, I don't have the common believe that it is impossible to wear something from the high street  for a party or even if its not a high street how many times would you wear a dress you bought for an occasion maximum twice?
The lime green shift dress was interesting with its crystal neckline and I really loved the colour of the orange dress..

Well, that dress in particular is what I was looking forward to see..
It might look more flattering in person but I loved how the ruffles formed a wave like design around the skirt..

A distressed touch to the fabric itself..

Onother dress from the conscious collection which was a bit on the simple side and featuring my favourite colour..

Closer look into the details of the dress..

So what's your thoughts on this collection? Would wear a dress purchased from H&M for party?
Share your thoughts with me..


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