April 03, 2012

When in New York : Bergdorf Goodman

It's like an unwritten rule to pass by Berdgrof Goodman if you visit New York, I had on my mind to visit it to grab myself a handbag I had in mind..
First of all the window display was breathtaking, the styling, the decor, the itsy bitsy details was beyond captivating..

First I was greeted by a lovely lady at the door and I was soaking wet from the rain who took care of my shopping bags and got me other ones ..
What grabbed my attention at the beginning was Lady Dior bag, all sizes and all sort of materials
tweed, exotic leather, shiny ones you name it you'll find it!
But told myself off, following Confashions advice to stay away from European brands in the States..
I found my way to the shoes saloon instead, which had a 55% off discount that made me loose my mind and forget everything confashions told me..
Grabbed, mmm not gonna say how many pairs but the price was ridiculously low for the shoe party I had going on !
All off that and I was on a shoe hunt mission on twitter along with my friend Sarah & her husband Randy comparing our shoe candy , hehehee!

That gorgoues Marchesa Dress<3

Anyways the salesperson who helped me at the shoe saloon had a bit of Tim Gunn attitude to himself, when he asked " Would you hand me your card to process the transaction, madame? and are you getting all of them?  "
I almost madamed him to the wall, but told him I'm paying by cash instead which caused him to break in sweat, take that bugger !
But he was polite nonethless carrying my bags and all that !

Those were miniature dollies of mice having a party around lovely pieces of embellished clutches..
It was so sparkly and beautiful !

Black & White, forming a fashionable melody with a safari touch to it..
How everything looked wrapped up in an invisible tornado yet very tidy and planned out.. 

This had a safari feel to it as well, like something out of the Jungle book but with a high fashion touch..
Focusing on wood carved items and lots of fur and feather's..

This pictur might be a bit irrelevant, but I couldn't help not snapping a picture of the lady, her cute Black & White outfit and her bright pink locks of hair <3

Bergdorf Goodman
New York


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  1. I never been to new york but this is my favorite online store simply amazing


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