April 11, 2012

Food for Thought : A Trilogy of Princess Sultana

The Trilogy of Princesss Sultana
Jean Sasson
Two years ago I picked up Princess Sultana book at Bahrain Intertnational airport, to read on the plane on my way and to be honest I was startled..
To read about how the royal family in KSA, down to tiniest details that I would have never imagined to be taken place in a country next door, it stated fact and reality of the country not to the amount of wittines that Raja' Al-Sanea displayed in Girls of Riyadh but still all the same fascinating..
Girls marry men twice their ages, her friends getting drowned in her family's swimming pool to wash out her disgrace..
" A fly will never be able to enter a mouth which knows when to stay shut"
Daughters of Arabia picks at where she left off as she announces that her family have found out about her book which she managed to keep a secret for a long time, I had to go back to the first book since I forgot most of the parts however she focuses on her two teenange daughters, who happen to be a completely two different characters.
Maha & Amani, the first who turned out a wild child just like her mother and not fearing any little adventures then falling into a lesbian restrictions due to the shocking measures her society carries having all source of income any one could imagine yet no freedom at all but to veiled in black from head to two.Their journey carries as they fled the country to a private clinic in London.
Which make Sultana recalls the granddaughter of Prince Mohammed Ibn Abdulaziz  whose life was ended in the face of a firing squad.
Amani turned out completely the opposite, more on the calm side and then she decides to embrace religion to an extreme measure. As Sultana finds herself beyond confused between the two of them, but whom she would blame, herself for bringing them to life? or the strict and binding society they live in..
" A miser is never satisfied with his money, nor a wise man with his knowledge. Was I a woman who would never know fulfilment?  " P. 233
Desert Royal, her fight over the women rights in her country & her drinking problem..
She manages to draw a clear picture of the month of Ramadhan & Eid and their daily habits in KSA.
She moves on into the story of Omar the kind Eunuch from Sudan and the horrid story how he was enslaved and it's the first time I hear the word Eunuch I was a little bit of researching I was horrified by the details but I will spare you from this..
" As we drove into the city, I watched with delight as women drivers sped past us. I never tire of such a sight when I visit other lands !" P. 168
Anyways another part I will highlight that I felt sad at how badly she was fighting for the rights of women, for things that are simply part of our daily nescessities but they were forbidden ..
As simple as driving a car, how women in their forties are not allowed to drive yet boys of 8 or nine years drive cars and how some Bedouin men appreciate their camels more than their wives when seeing a baby camel riding in the front seat of a truck, while women riding in the back..
To all Saudi women out there, My heart goes to you !
I applaude princess Sultana, each and every one of you for fighting for what's yours and speaking out your minds.
That sure requires alot of courage, as I have met so many Saudi girls up close and I'm quite astonished by how educated and talented they are no matter what kinda repressing their going under ! 


  1. wayeddddd 7abet the story o wondering if its based on true events wela khayal !!

    but i do like the brief u mentioned ..

    from where i can find these books ?

    oo all these three books are on a same story with different covers or they r deiiferent stories

    and please if they r different plss recommend me a book! :)

    more over if there is an translated book of these novels??

    1. Hello :)
      No it's based on true story but the names were changed to save the anonymity of sultana :)
      I got mine from Bahrain, but spotted them at that el salasil bookshop in the Avenues :)
      Its a story of 3 different parts each completing each others but i really don't know if there's translated version


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