February 06, 2012

Food for Thought : Family Ties

Family Ties

When Annie the young Manhattan architect finds herself responsible for her sisters three kids after their tragic plane crash.
Her life changes drastically, as she alters her choices to put the kids needs and wants before her own while providing them with a suitable living.
She buried herself in work and the taking care of her nieces and nephew putting herself behind and terminating her social and personal life.
The story took lots of twists and turns, her nephew falling for a college professor double his age.
Her niece dropping outta college and visiting Iran with her boyfriend before taking a job in a tattoo parlour, and her eldest niece demanding job as an accessories editor in Vogue.



  1. hhmmm sounds like the movie Raising Helen! u know i've never read anything for Danielle Steel :P

  2. Oh I didn't watch Raising Helen, but will check !
    And why not you don't read for Danielle !


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