December 26, 2011

Window Shopping : TopShop

Passed by Topshop to check out the t-shirt section at Topman, found this vintage looking t-shirts of 7up & Coca Cola. Perfect for running errands or casual outing underneath a blazer and adorned with a scarf or just worn with a pair of sweats?

I'm going through a t-shirt phase right now, what do you think would you wear them?

Topshop/ TopMan
The Avenues Mall



  1. 7ag 3amali .. shalaih... laish la` .. 7eta with blazer.... a7es 7ilween etha 3arfna shlon nalbsi-hom..

  2. Heck yeah, I'd wear them! I love TompMan's tees, they have the funniest/awesomest ones! ♥

  3. I would customize them with cutting out the collar and maybe a bit from the bottom and wear them for the gym, chalet, weekends or maybe with a blazer

  4. i would never wear those
    B please leave men's t-shirts for men :P
    hope u end ur t-shirt phase soon :P

  5. in love with the 7up one! thanks im a vintage freak (collector) so thanks! totally getting me one of them inshallah ;)


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